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In this step-by-step project, you’ll build a maze solver in Python using graph algorithms from the NetworkX library. Along the way, you’ll design a binary file format for the maze, represent it in an object-oriented way, and visualize the solution using scalable vector graphics (SVG).

Sebastian has spoken at over 15 major Python conferences around the world. He also gave a workshop organized by the EuroPython conference for beginner speakers. Here, he shares lots of tips around topics related to speaking: from the CfP to the Q&A.


老话重谈...就像相声, 是值得反复打磨的, 不过, 优化的目的嫑忘记...

收集, 对比, 抽象我们自己看过所有技术分享中喜欢的就知道: 怎么说, PPT 如何组织, 多长时间, 声音/录像技术... 一切都不重要, 重要的是分享的内容是否有趣有用有种.


If you need to speed up string parsing and formatting in Python you have many choices. This article covers the uses of Cython, mypyc, Rust, and PyPy and how to choose between them.







Articles, Tutorials and Talks

Several methods for the Pandas DataFrame support an inplace argument. You can find quite contradicting advice around it online. Some describe it as “good practice”, the Pandas docs says “its use is discouraged”. This article explores when inplace might improve the performance indeed and when it’s better to avoid it.




“When you declare a Django ModelAdmin class, the built-in system checks ensure that various attributes are well-defined, using the right data types and values. But they can’t cover everything, because there is so much flexibility.” This article shows you how to better test your ModelAdmin code.

This post looks at how to use Auth0 as an identity management provider in Starlette applications. Auth0 provides a secure and scalable way to manage sensitive user data. This article describes how you can integrate it into your Starlette-powered backend.

ViperGPT is a framework that composes visual and language models into code that can be used to perform queries on images. The example shows an image of children with a pile of muffins and asks how many muffins each kid should get for it to be fair.


巧妙哪...优化投喂 GPT 们之前的流程.


In this video course, you’ll learn about working with YAML in Python. By the end of it, you’ll know about the available libraries, their strengths and weaknesses, and the advanced and potentially dangerous features of YAML.



还是得说 TOML 好点儿


If you’re writing for multiple platforms, Swift may not be your best choice. So how do you do Python applications on macOS? Read on for the latest update to this advice from Glyph.


只是记要, 没有一个可参考的现成工程


This article covers how to quickly call Rust from Python, TypeScript, or Node.js. It includes a sample application to demonstrate how to use cross language bindings.


配套视频: Build Universal Libraries with Rust - YouTube

以往 Python 是各种场景中的胶水语言, 现在 Rust 成为云时代的胶水语言了? 各种语言现有模块可以软实力来越方便的通过 WASM 直接在浏览器中运行... JS 的地位不保哪...



Is your Git monorepo getting slower and slower? Have a look at all the performance improvements that you can make to speed up your Git repository.



Tower 的软广,但是, 这图是很够力了..


This article demonstrates how to do dynamic search results in Django using the HTMX library instead of JavaScript embedded in your page.


Great 去 NodeJS 的确也是个倾向...


Phylum uncovers a threat actor taking advantage of how the Python interpreter handles Unicode to obfuscate their malware.


Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries, Projects & Code



COP ~ 面向 ChatGPT 编程时代已经开始...



正好要用, 这比纯 Py 要来的安定团结的多; 就是不知道部署时是否流畅... )


talkweb,talkback,talksql 又一个朴素的 web 应用框架




真.手把手 教授如何构建一只声音响应机械狗, 使用超声波传感器进行测距...


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Events, MeetUp 真的是全球线下活动组织中心



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