原文: PyCoder's Weekly - Issue #362


Take your Python coding interview skills to the next level and use Python's built-in functions and modules to solve problems faster and more easily.




Detailed article that explores the application of parameterization in Python and how it relates to mainstream design patterns such as dependency injection, strategy, template method, and others.

In this step-by-step tutorial, you'll learn the basics of creating powerful web applications with Django, a Python web framework. You'll build a portfolio application to showcase your web development projects, complete with a fully functioning blog.

What's new? HttpRequest.headers to easily access request headers, database-level constraints on models, improved runserver performance when watching large project folders. Also, this is a long-term support (LTS) release, which means that security and data loss fixes will be applied for at least the next three years.


LTS <== Ubuntu 制造出来的品牌...


Comprehensions are lovely, but they can easily be overused. In this article Trey shows you helpful examples and tips on sensible comprehension use in your own code.


代码简洁可读, 永远是代码第一原则.


A comparison of free services for running an interactive Jupyter Notebook in the cloud: Binder, Kaggle Kernels, Google Colab, Azure Notebooks, CoCalc, Datalore.


Binder, Kaggle, Google, Microsoft, CoCalc, and Datalore...

简单的说, 简单但述求不同, 对于墙内的, 抱 M$ 的粗腿吧...


"Either Python is fast becoming the most popular programming language, or Python just has a bigger proportion of new coders compared to other languages"


感谢党, 感谢人民 以及 Google 和 NASA 们...





I have found that the best way to learn a thing is by doing a thing. Program something you need or want. Learn what you need as you go.

Every language I have learned was project driven.

Since coding drives literally everything IT can do, you only need to think about what you wished you could do better, faster, easier. ...

几乎所有高度认同的经验, 都是 MVP 驱动的...

问题在, 为什么还是有那么多培训班/MOOC 还在教 语言本身, 而不是编程?

蟒营 Python 入门班

Reactivate Joy by Self-study with You



Articles, Tutorials and Talks

What Python Virtual Environments are and how to use them effectively in your Python programming endeavours.


虚拟环境非常有用, 但是, 看目的... 开发/测试/生产 所要求的点都不同, 现在看还没有统一的解决方案, 就私人体验, 生产上, 有类似 conda 预编译的集成肥环境, 那就用



The author proposes a simple library called django-zen-queries that gives you control over which parts of your code are allowed to run queries, and which aren't.

Visualize every layer of your Python stack in minutes. Use Datadog's Trace Search to filter and analyze trace events across any customer or dimension that matters to your business. Start optimizing your Python applications with a free 14-day trial of Datadog →

In this post, you'll learn about monkey patching, that is, how to dynamically update code behavior at runtime. Also includes some useful examples of monkey patching in Python.


几年没提猴补丁, 叕开始嗯哼了?


Learn how to work with Python's built-in json module to serialize the data in your programs into JSON format. Then, you'll deserialize some JSON from an online API and convert it into Python objects.



简单说, 别给人写 JSON 就好 )

Django packages which will make your project more fun to work on, take care of common tasks, and help you to get more done. Nice list!

A hilarious platformer game made entirely with Python and PyGame! Each copy of the game comes with full source code.

An introduction to the Go language for experienced Python programmers.


叕一则诱惑 Pythoneer 去当 gopher 的嗯哼


A look at popular sorting algorithms, how they work, and how they can be coded in Python.

How to make smaller and more secure Docker images for production using Docker's multi-stage build feature and Python virtual environments.

Scott Hanselman on programming a PyPortal with Circuit Python to display his blood glucose levels from his REST API.


Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

A distributed task processing library for Python with a focus on simplicity, reliability and performance.


在 OTP 面前都是渣...


A spelling checker for Sphinx-based documentation. It uses PyEnchant to produce a report showing misspelled words.

📆🐍 活动/大会



30+ talks 1 English + 3 Russian tracks 300+ developes




❤️ Happy Pythonic!



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