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Just like you shouldn’t download any file from the Internet, you shouldn’t blindly install third-party Python packages without evaluating them first. This tutorial will give you the toolset to evaluate the quality of external Python packages before you implement them into your Python projects.



认真是一种气味儿, 很容易嗅到 ;-)

Libraries.io - The Open Source Discovery Service

我们可能没办法构建出新工具, 但是, 我们可以专业的评定工具们.


Learn what’s changed in the newly released PyTorch 2.0 library. Includes new data collectors, augmentation operators, vision features, and loads more.

This article introduces your to mixing generators with recursion to improve memory usage. Includes a short snippet on using yield and yield from.


嗯哼? 就象 麦当劳奶昔配KFC辣鸡堡?





exaloop/codon: A high-performance, zero-overhead, extensible Python compiler using LLVM

也就是说, 现在 Python 调试好后, 可以直接编译为目标机器的执行应用了?

这真的是 PyPy/Cython 之后, 又一种思路, JVM 学派? 开发者你们怎么任性都可以, 将编译器搞扎实了, 自动优化统一编译执行, 一样可以提高效能?



Articles, Tutorials and Talks

Work on Python 3.12 is well under way and much of it focuses on performance improvements. This article gives you a tour of the changes to come, including improved parallelism, better memory management, even more improved error reporting, and more.




In this video series, you’ll create project documentation from scratch using Sphinx, the de facto standard for Python. You’ll also hook your code repository up to Read The Docs to automatically build and publish your code documentation.


是的, 这个相比 gh-pages 要复杂一点儿,也就一点儿...


不过, 搞通后, 的确比 Markdown 要自在很多.


This post tries to come up with some guidelines: Which parts of the review can be done well by our current tools? Which parts benefit from human intuition? We’re looking in details at reviewing tests, docs, code quality, and names.


现实已经证明, 嘦样本足够多, 人类的直觉一定可以完美复制, 不过, 这时直觉应该就升级为灵感了...


Bloom filters are a data structure used to test whether an element is a member of a set. They’re commonly used in data science and are often part of interview questions. Learn how to build one and where you might use them.



这又是另外一种风格, 作者是大数据领域专家, 那么对自己的 blog 当然也得数据分析上...


This article attempts to demystify virtual environments, why they exist and how they work. It even delves into why Brett is heading down this alley: running into challenges with cross platform tools and microenv.


就象 Docker 如何工作一样...


“Your Django project’s startup time impacts how smooth it is to work with. Django has to restart your project every time you run a management command and when runserver reloads.” Learn how to make this faster.



出版级 blog -> Colophon

是的, 这是作者专门设计的配色和排版;

PS: 这时, 才发觉 Erlang 学派, 永远不停机热部署是多么的有远见...


Data validation is a vital step in any data-oriented workstream. This post investigates and compares two popular Python data validation packages: Pandera and Great Expectations

Learn how to build a simple TODO app in Python using the Textual library. The app runs inside the terminal and can be controlled from the comfort of your keyboard.



淦...这效果完全不逊于 GUI 了


AWS Lambda currently limits Python to version 3.9. This article shows you how to get around that and use a more recent version of your favorite language.


用 Docker 绕, 这很容易识别出来禁止的, 还是用 Rust 包装一下, 变成单一执行文件, 肯定就难了..


When should you use the built-in list(…) function in Python? And when shouldn’t you? The list constructor is both underused and overused in Python.

This brief opinion piece from Carlton Gibson states why he thinks we need more functionality in the Python standard library rather than less.


一边儿核心团队吼着要批量清除已经作废的内建模块, 另外用户一直叫着应该更多内置电池, 感觉, 内建模块就象政府职称, 评上了保一生太平?



Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries, Projects & Code


AI 带路党也是认真的...



看起来象 Puffy 测试生成器?



GPT 之后 LLM 又变成一大热点



叕一个 CLI 指令参数声明解析器


📆🐍 活动/大会

Events, MeetUp 真的是全球线下活动组织中心



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Happy Pythoning!

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开始有小伙伴加入承担 pythonisa 周刊的翻译, 从来没提醒过, 可就这么默默坚持下来了...


[皱眉]每周新闻资讯 怎么能错过 
    what f**k 还能这样玩? 还有这东西?

无法同意更多... 很多社区贡献看起来辛苦, 其实受益最多的, 就是主动承担者也.

所以++> 锈周刊 -> Weekly :: China

好文笔,感叹号年度配额: 2/3



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