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I used "git checkout --" on the wrong file and managed to delete the code I had just written... but it was still running in a process in a docker container. Here's how I got it back, using



可怜的人... )

I’m not a Python guy, but it seems that every job I’ve had has slowly pushed me into doing more and more Python until I end up doing nothing but Python all day. And I hate doing Python all day.


简单的说怼数学计算时,被 Py 的任性怒了... )

Code snippets that makes you wonder what's happening?


所谓活久见... )

What’s the weather tomorrow? That’s the question that meteorologists are always trying to get better at answering. This week the developers of MetPy discuss how their project is used in that quest and the challenges that are inherent in atmospheric and weather research. It is a fascinating look at dealing with uncertainty and using messy, multidimensional data to model a massively complex system.

If you use Django framework and want to keep updated with what's happening in the Django world, check out django weekly

When learning a programming language, how do you know whether the effort you're putting in is working or whether you're wasting your time?. We'll be chatting with Michael Herman and Evan Moore about techniques you can use to be more effective during your Python learning adventures.


关键就是得有一套靠谱的不依赖其他人的明确自己作的是否对的指标 )

The still-in-beta Python distribution uses Math Kernel Library to speed up processing on Intel hardware.


Intel 这么博爱... )

Implementation of Google Brain's A Learned Representation For Artistic Style in Tensorflow. You can mix various type of style images using just One Model and it's still Fast.


TF 中艺术风格的嗯哼 )

One thing we've learned from building complex software for the cloud is that a language is only as good as its debugging and profiling tools. Logic errors, CPU spikes, and memory leaks are inevitable, but a good debugger, CPU profiler, and memory profiler can make finding these errors significantly easier and faster.


CPU 中的问题追踪,马上也将过渡到 TPU 的了... )


上期说的 google 的 fire 也是相似的嗯哼 )

Collectd is a system statistics collection daemon. It gathers a lot of information about the system it's running on, and passes it on to a software that can process and visualize that information, e.g. Grafana. Collectd already brings along a lot of built-in plugins to gather information about the system load, the network traffic, available entropy, various sensors, etc. But sometimes there's a value that you want to log which is not covered by an existing plugin.


SCM 一直是 Python 的擅长领域... )


~ 包/模块/库/片段...

Tutorial for researchers to learn deep learning with pytorch.


深度学习的 pytorch 嗯哼教程 )

Deep learning models to identify clickbaits taking content into consideration.

A python parser that builds python ASTs in 502 lines of python without using modules.


原生 ASTs 解析器 )

Active Record, Django-like queries, nested eager load and beauty repr for SQLAlchemy


这么多年了 Active Record 一直是 OS 之外最大的代码片段仓库 )

Newrelic client written in Python providing both CLI and Python interfaces.


Newrelic ~ 又一个性能监察器... )

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