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原文: Pycoder's Weekly (Issue #95): Fork


5 year anniversary of your second favorite Python version.

You should probably take a look if you use ImageField and Django. Just Sayin'.

Probably fixes a few annoyances you might have been having as of late.



A peer-to-peer bitcoin mining pool.

  • pms (github.com)

Poor Man's Spotify, search and stream music.

Half way between a simple timer and profile, chronic allows you to add decorators or wrap code in with statements to determine execution time.

This is a library, written in Python, for making command language interpreters, or shells. twosheds lets you write your own shell, in Python, complete customization.

A framework agnostic asset generator for modern web applications. It aims to replace all the ad-hoc scripts you have hanging around to manage your css and JavaScript Files.


Great guide to do some quick profiling of your Python applications with the goal to quickly identify bottlenecks, fix them and confirm you have fixed them.

If you are not deploying your application to Heroku or its like, Fabric is one of the key tools to deploying your application in a consistent and repeatable manner. Check out this post which guides you to deploying your Django applications with Fabric.

Still mystified by Python decorators, check out this great explanation.

Looking to get started with Test Driven Development on a Django project? This tutorial will help you hit the ground running.

Web that support realtime data are more and more becoming the future. Get started making your Flask app realtime with Gevent and server-sent events.

Python packaging has a long and tangled history. Get a breakdown of the history of Python packaging/dependencies from distutils to pip.

If you ever wanted to work with audio data in Python this is the post for you. In this post the author guides you through the process of reading and writing audio data using a library he has created called PySoundCard.


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