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原文: Pycoder's Weekly (Issue #94): Black Friday


Version 1.0 of Gevent released with a new core and new dns resolver and new api. Check out all the release notes here.

Book on introduction to web app development using Python and Django. Tailored for non-programmers, written by a designer. Leave your email to keep up to date.

This is a bugfix release, adds Tkinter support for windows and fixes various other issues.

Lots of improvements in 3.4.0 including new pathlib, enum and statistics modules as well as many other bugfixes and improvements.


Use a good font, it saves grief.


Make testing a little easier with responses, a utility library for mocking out the requests library.

A enterprise grade application supervisor. Ramona insures that each process of an application is running, restarts when needed and monitors/logs process output and sends email notifications to admins when errors are detected.

A distributed game server side framework. Allows front end developers save many working hours by only having to focus on gameplay logic.

A library for deep learning with neural networks in Python using GPU-Acceleration. It implements the most important types of neural network models and provides a variety of activation functions and training methods.

This exists to let Python programmers read and write numpy arrays (or other array-like objects providing the PEP 3118 buffer interface) from and to raster data files.

Summarize news articles. Based on the scala project TextTeaser.

Stop writing admin boilerplate in Django with this app.


This is a great post about some of the difference in approach between writing C# and Python told through the lens of a training C# developers in Python.

Pulling text out of a .txt file in Python can be done without a though, here the author gives a great example of how to accomplish the same thing with .docx files.

How do you find the index of a set bit in a Python integer? It seems like the obvious answer might not be so simple.

In this post the author gives you a nice explanation with examples of how to solve common problems using Python's yield statement.

This is a cool tutorial that shows you how to setup a cluster instance at Amazon Web Services , set up a public IPython notebook server and access this remote cluster via your web browser.


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