Hi Pythonistas!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian readers who will be celebrating this coming weekend. 
We have a great issue this week to get you ready for the weekend whether it is a holiday weekend for you or not.

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-- Mahdi and Mike

原文: Pycoder's Weekly (Issue #87): Thanksgiving (CA)




This intends to make url manipulation simple. Has an easy to use api for accessing and updating url parameters, modifying url paths, dealing with url fragments and much more.

Port of YUI CSS Compressor to Python.

If you are a vim user you may have seen jedi.vim, now for the emacs crowd we have jedi.el to provide you with Python autocompletion for emacs.

Combining Python virtualenvs with debian packages. Interesting idea, for more in depth details, check out the blog post.

Survival analysis in Python by the author of Bayesian Methods for Hackers.

An extension of WebTest with useful extras, including requests-style authentication and redirect following.


With the most recent release of Vincent, doing awesome stuff with maps is now possible checkout this blog post to see how.

Nice little summary of what features were included in which Python 3.

This article shows how easy it is to read or write video frames with Python, by calling the external software FFMPEG through pipes. Worth the read if you are interested in video manipulation.

Nice thought experiment of an article. It discusses the advantages between composability and control flow. A bit extreme, but excellent thing to think about.

Interested in playing around with an Arduino and some Python to send a text message by the push of a button? Then look no further.




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