Hi Pythonistas!

PyCon Canada 2013 is upon us this weekend, talks take place on Saturday and Sunday. Our own Mahdi will be there this weekend, so if you are there you should definitely go see his talk on Saturday morning.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, gripes or suggestions just hit reply to this email and let us know.

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请用 Gittip 支持俺们吧!

-- Mahdi and Mike

原文: Pycoder's Weekly (Issue #78): PyCon Canada 2013


This is a bugfix release, click through for the details.

If you run a Django application that uses Django's CSRF protection, you should check out this security advisory and heed the advice.

After 10 years of development Pylint 1.0 has been released!

After 12 years of development IPython 1.0 has been released! Click through for all the details and release notes.


29 common beginner Python errors (reddit.com)


Mailing for human beings. Envelopes tries to be an easy to use and grok wrapper for Python's email and smtplib modules.

Another project for Humans. Lassie is a library that allows you to easily retrieve basic content from websites.

DocJSON is a simple document format for building Hypermedia Web APIs. Click through to the README for specifics about how it works.

A pythonic interface to GMail. Supports GMail features like search, read and send multipart emails, archive, mark as read/unread, delete emails, and manage labels.

An opensource Heroku-inspired platform for public and private clouds.

Mailpile is an index and search engine for email. Also currently the developers of Mailpile are running a fundraising campaign on indiegogo.

This is a neat little bit of niceness added on top of the already excellent py.test. Pytest-sugar adds things to cleanup the py.test output like instantly printing failed test output, nice looking summaries and progress bars. Click to the page for a quick demonstration.


In cased you missed it, Python 3.4 alpha1 has just been released and in that alpha was the addition of the Enum type. If you want to learn more about that, check out this exploration of the new Enum Type.

PEP8 is a fantastic guide, not all of PEP8 suits everyone and in this post the author outlines, with examples, some things he would remove from PEP8 as well as some additions.

If you are looking to write C extension modules for Python there is a lot you can get wrong. To help you along with this is the in-development static checker CPyChecker. Check out the article to learn how to analyze your C extensions with CPyChecker.

A good tutorial about creating a linked listed data type in Python using a functional programming style.




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