Pandas 2.0 vs 1: 性能比较

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Wolverine is a Python tool that responds to script crashes by using ChatGPT to look for solutions. This brief article describes the process and links to a video demo. With the corresponding Slashdot Discussion.

Pandas 2.0 was recently released with the new pyarrow backend. In the article, we did a quick performance comparison between the new pyarrow backend in 2.0 with the standard in Pandas 1. The results were expected, a big speedup in terms of String processing and null value handling, but slower with numeric processing and aggregations.

Are you exploring automation of your repetitive business tasks with Python? How are you going to share your helpful tools with co-workers? This week on the show, Sampo Ahokas from Robocorp is here to discuss robotic process automation (RPA) and distribution of these robots.


Python 向 Rust 融合不可阻挡...








大家对 USB 和 无线耳机的怨念都不小



Articles, Tutorials and Talks

In this video course, you’ll learn how to manipulate ZIP files using Python’s zipfile module from the standard library. Through hands-on examples, you’ll learn how to read, write, compress, and extract files from your ZIP files quickly.




In this tutorial, you’ll learn when and how to use the shebang line in your Python scripts to execute them from a Unix-like shell. Along the way, you’ll run custom scripts written in your domain-specific language interpreted by Python.



不仅仅是 Py ...


Will covers a list of his favorite third-party packages for Django. Includes old favorites like Django REST Framework, and lesser known packages like django-filter and django-environ.


其中 Wagtail 简直变成了一个大杂货铺, 专注的很...


This PEP proposes a way of packaging pre-build interpreters “like wheels, but for python interpreters”. The intent is to re-use existing packaging standards as much as possible.

A series of comparisons on how to do common statistical methods in JavaScript, Python, SQL, R, and Excel. Includes mean, median, standard deviation, rank values, and more.

This notebook demonstrates how to implement BabyAGI by Yohei Nakajima. BabyAGI is an AI agent that can generate and pretend to execute tasks based on a given objective.


ChatGPT 们一发布, LangChain 已经没了商业模型基础, 但是, 还有潜力可以尝试...


Who should be in charge of engineering in your organization? The short answer: it depends. The long answer: it really depends. Read on for an even longer answer.


除了最终交付的代码和运行时, 过程本身也是组织的知识资产, 可惜一直没有足够的认知, 实在是组成成员素质足够高, 通过自主调整就有了... 可还是有很大优化空间;


Daniel did an analysis on GitHub pull requests and ranked them by language. Together Python and JavaScript make up nearly 40% of all activity on GitHub.

“Moving into a management role may be a rewarding step in your career, but you should know about the things you’re leaving behind.”


过于真实了, 作管理本质上等于重新开始, 将自己的技术积累, 变成团队的长期收益, 最困难的不是什么新学习, 而是如何令上层相信你, 同时下属也相信你.


Dive deep into global, how it works, its relationship with builtins and the namespace differences in Python.


Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries, Projects & Code


果然是 Python 构建的, 这可能是 star 增长最猛的项目了, 才几天就将突破 100K 了...






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Events, MeetUp 真的是全球线下活动组织中心



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