Python 3.11 微基准测试

原文: PyCoder's Weekly - Issue #552


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What if you didn’t have to worry about managing user passwords as a Python developer? That’s where the WebAuthn protocol and new hardware standards are heading. This week on the show, Dan Moore from FusionAuth returns to discuss a password-less future.





Want more information about Mastodon and how Python folks are interacting with it? This interview with multiple Python programmers discusses how they’re using Mastodon and what that community is like in comparison to other social media platforms.


叕一个想替代 Slack 的 code social 平台?


This article in the Python development docs outlines all the changes coming in Python 3.12: even more error message improvement, support for the Linux profiler, improvements to many modules, and more.




所以 Musk 们来了之后,国外程序猿们也开始紧张了?

Building and selling macOS apps

好吧,这的确是个最省心的渠道, 虽然 Apple 抽成不少,但是, 整体生态是真的非常健康无匹.

说穿了, 不再出售时间和精力,而是成品. )





Articles, Tutorials and Talks

“Even talking about building a monolith today, is a bit taboo. It is all about microservices at the moment, and has been for a few years. But they aren’t a silver bullet.” Coding samples in the article are not Python, but the architectural advice is cross language.


monolith ~ 巨石系统, 从各种DDD 想划分原有 monolith 系统之后, 就没成功过,所以, 又回来, 重新思考...


An annotated list for tools that improve your Python code. Includes a variety of linters, type hint tools, upgrade scripts, refactoring tools and more. Luke gives you a quick description of each and makes some recommendations.


得益于 Python 内建的语法解析能力, 只是, 我们需要工具快速对自己的代码动手嘛? 除了缩进的自动对齐, 其它的就象一个老婆婆反复提醒无聊的真理...


Want a pop-up message box on Windows without having the overhead of a GUI library? Using the built-in ctypes library you can get at Windows internals and show a dialog box.


Linux 系统的桌面消息服务,一直是公开可调用的, Win10 们的,就是魔法了...


Ready to take your Django app beyond development? Learn how to deploy your Django web app in production on a real-world public domain with Gunicorn and Nginx.



Gunicorn 这名儿真好,每次都想起来很多大片儿...


There are plenty of ways to measure the speed of your code. This article shows a few that Sebastian considered working with in his “Writing Faster Python” series.


开始 Benchmark Py 代码时,如果不是太闲了, 就是业务真的爆发起来了...


Tom got a bit of an odd pull request and as he dug in he found AWS Keys in places they shouldn’t be. Read on for a bit of advice on what not to do yourself.




Moving an existing Python code base to 100% typed can be a lot of work. This article talks about the steps and challenges gone through in one such project.


感谢这些活跃的老项目, 积累的工具可以给各种新人使用...


Unless you’ve been asleep, you’ve probably heard that Python 3.11 is faster. This article digs into the details on how certain IO operations have sped up.




微基准 又一个具备流行性的好词儿


The article introduces parallelization in Python using multiprocessing.Pool() in combination with the map() function and processing pipelines.


其实都没什么轻松途径的, 底层机制就这样, 不过是用的人多了,才有动力逐层自动化...



Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries, Projects & Code


或是说作弊条, 以往 Py2 时代的,很多都过时了, 现在,随着 Python 本身的突飞猛进, 也值得持续更新了...



这种东西,中国各大厂早就配置充分了, 毕竟要瞬间完成和谐嘛...


📆🐍 活动/大会

Events, MeetUp 真的是全球线下活动组织中心


❤️ Happy Pythonic ;-(大妈私人无责任播报)




开始有小伙伴加入承担 pythonisa 周刊的翻译, 从来没提醒过, 可就这么默默坚持下来了...


[皱眉]每周新闻资讯 怎么能错过 
    what f**k 还能这样玩? 还有这东西?

无法同意更多... 很多社区贡献看起来辛苦, 其实受益最多的, 就是主动承担者也.

好文笔,感叹号年度配额: 1/3


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