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Chatbots can help to provide real-time customer support and are a valuable asset in many industries. When you understand the basics of the ChatterBot library, you can build and train a self-learning chatbot with just a few lines of Python code.




This deep article talks about why some kinds of tests break more frequently than others and how to set the appropriate granularity of your test suites.

Migrating Postgres From Heroku to Crunchy Bridge Developers of a growing business were looking to migrate Postgres. They wanted a new vendor at least as good at Heroku, with new features and developer tools. They tested Amazon RDS and several others. Find out why they chose Crunchy Bridge for their cloud Postgres. Read the case study → CRUNCHY DATASPONSOR

Python has great support for LaTeX: in Jupyter, in symbolic math tools, and in third party libraries. Learn about how easy it is to get started.




不是出版社引战文, SQLite 以及 The Rust Programming Language ISBN-13: 9781718500440 得到关注...



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In this video course, you’ll learn how to provide multiple constructors in your Python classes. To this end, you’ll learn different techniques, such as checking argument types, using default argument values, writing class methods, and implementing single-dispatch methods.


Providing )

“The set class is one of the key data structures in Python. It is an unordered collection of elements without duplicates. It represents, to a certain degree, a mathematical set, and many of the common mathematical operations for sets exist in Python.”


Ultimate ~ 究极... 古早潮词儿


Jimmy’s team at Carta decided they wanted to add type annotations to their large code base, but doing so manually would have taken a very long time. This post shows you how they built automated refactoring tools to add type annotations to their code.





You can use type hinting to increase code readability, but you must do it wisely. Type hints can make things better, or they can be misleading and decrease code readability. Marcin offers suggestions on how to use type hints for clearer code.

Maybe your app needs to handle files from users like profile pictures. Accepting files from others is tricky to do safely. See the tools that Django provides to manage files safely.

“When using many decorators in code, there’s a shortcut you can use if you find yourself repeating them. They can be assigned to a variable just like any other Python expression.”


# in
xfail_pypy_3749 = pytest.mark.xfail(
    env.PYVERSION[:2] == (3, 8) and env.PYPY and env.PYPYVERSION >= (7, 3, 10),
    reason="Avoid a PyPy bug:",


# in src.

from tests.helpers import xfail_pypy_3749

def test_something():

def test_something_else():

好吧, 这才是魔术...


There are many libraries for scraping and parsing from web content out there. This guide shows you several different techniques and why you would choose from among them.


现在这堆工具, 到 WASM 流行时, 是否可用?


Automate some common tasks, such as: sending email, converting PDF to audio with text-to-speech, get weather information, and seven more.


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当然 Jupter 风格...





居然还用上了 Zig


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谈崩了, 之前通过 ACM 会员可以每年 $25 享受 O'REILLY 在线图书馆服务...现在没了





开始有小伙伴加入承担 pythonisa 周刊的翻译, 从来没提醒过, 可就这么默默坚持下来了...


[皱眉]每周新闻资讯 怎么能错过 
    what f**k 还能这样玩? 还有这东西?

无法同意更多... 很多社区贡献看起来辛苦, 其实受益最多的, 就是主动承担者也.

好文笔,感叹号年度配额: 1/3


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