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How maintainable is your Python code? Is it possible to hold the code for your functions in your head? When is it appropriate to use measurements in a code review? This week on the show, Reka Horvath and Ben Martineau from Sourcery are here to discuss their recent PyCon talk, “Actionable insights vs ranking: How to use and how NOT to use code quality metrics.”



其实, 如果不从小作品开始养成这种习惯, 到大团队, 基本上不可能适应, 或是推进类似品质管理


“unittest.TestCase.subTest was originally introduced in Python 3.4 as a lightweight mechanism for test parameterization; it allows you to mark a section of your test as a separate test in its own right using a context manager.” Learn all about sub-tests in both the unittest module and pytest.


单元测试下, 还有一层测试...


When working with large amounts of data, using more than one CPU can lead to significant speed gains. Learn about various techniques that reduce data processing time by using multiprocessing, joblib, and tqdm.




官方教程,官方教程,官方教程...以及拿自己以往作品, 改写过来, 最快乐...



Articles, Tutorials and Talks

In this video course, you’ll learn how to store and retrieve data using Python, SQLite, and SQLAlchemy as well as with flat files. Using SQLite with Python brings with it the additional benefit of accessing data with SQL. By adding SQLAlchemy, you can work with data in terms of objects and methods.



不过, 还是直写 SQL 最爽直


In this introduction to NumPy, you’ll learn how to find extreme values using the max() and maximum() functions. This includes finding the maximum element in an array or along a given axis of an array, as well as comparing two arrays to find the larger element in each index position.




James Bennett weighs in on the Internet’s response to PyPI starting to roll out 2FA and in particular to Armin Ronacher’s Congratulations: We Now Have Opinions on Your Open Source Contributions

TOML is a configuration file format that’s becoming increasingly popular in the Python community. In this tutorial, you’ll learn the syntax of TOML and explore how you can work with TOML files in your own projects.


汤小明的小巧明晰语言... 其实就是 GitHub 统治开发世界叕一个先锋...



ini 太简单, json 太难编辑, yaml 太复杂, .py 或是其它太专有, 结果, TOML 就钻了这个空, 并根据这个配置格式, 在逐步统治各种语言和 k8s 生态...


Sometimes, it is difficult to determine what the original dependencies of a Python application are. Since version 7.1, pip has supported the use of a constraints file which can help solve this problem.


已经在用 pip 21.x.x 了, 也从来没用过这一特性 )

The Django Admin is a powerful tool for quickly making changes to your data, but at scale it can require some tweaking. Learn what you can do to improve the performance of pagination in the admin.


加速100倍, Wow


“Like tidying up a house before a total renovation, preparing your monolith is the first step towards transitioning to microservices.” Learn more about what you should do before you transition.


不, 可以不迁移的 )

Learn how to build a heatmap diagram using the ClickHouse and QGIS libraries. The article includes step-by-step instructions for building a heatmap using CSV data.




Got some awesome PyGame you want to share with a Mac user? This post walks you through the ins-and-outs of using pyapp to ship to macOS.


Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries, Projects & Code


感觉, 现在 Queus 不带 Redis 都是邪恶的?



重载素, 可以在各种框架/模块中作用; PyCharm 配套插件, 也可以独立使用;


📆🐍 活动/大会

Events, MeetUp 真的是全球线下活动组织中心


❤️ Happy Pythonic ;-(大妈私人无责任播报)



谈崩了, 之前通过 ACM 会员可以每年 $25 享受 O'REILLY 在线图书馆服务...现在没了





开始有小伙伴加入承担 pythonisa 周刊的翻译, 从来没提醒过, 可就这么默默坚持下来了...


[皱眉]每周新闻资讯 怎么能错过 
    what f**k 还能这样玩? 还有这东西?

无法同意更多... 很多社区贡献看起来辛苦, 其实受益最多的, 就是主动承担者也.

好文笔,感叹号年度配额: 1/3



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