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It’s episode 100 of the Real Python Podcast 🎉 This week you’ll learn how to define Python functions that accept optional arguments or default values, and you’ll get tips for going beyond the beginner stage with Python.





“I decided to deepen my knowledge in this field and explore cache poisoning vulnerabilities in the open source domain. I focused my research on the most popular web frameworks, such as Flask, Bottle, and Tornado. Eventually, I found and fixed a vulnerability in Python.”

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就象 RoR 逈 Django 迁移, Pythoneer 逈 Elixir 转向也是正义的


Although written for Data Science teams, a good article on why any team of coders should do code reviews. How to do them, what to look for, and how to improve your code.


所以, code review 也内卷分化为不同领域的专门嗯嗯嗯了




“If there was to ever be Python 4 (not a minor version increment, but full fledged new Python), what would you like to see in it?”


其实只有一个: 嫑变C++



Articles, Tutorials and Talks

“When it comes to performance optimization, people usually focus only on speed and CPU usage. Rarely is anyone concerned with memory consumption, well, until they run out of RAM. There are many reasons to try to limit memory usage, not just avoiding having your application crash because of out-of-memory errors.”


其实吧, 追加内存是最优解


Discover how to use two common Python serialization libraries: pickle and HDF5. This article talks about what can be serialized, how to do it, where you can use it, and how to choose between the two methods discussed.


HDF5 的硬广, 虽然支持 TensorFlow , 但是, 怎么比得上 内建 模块?


StaticFrame is an alternative to Pandas that has immutable DataFrames. Learn all about its core containers: Bus, Batch, Quilt, and Yarn, all of which provide abstractions for multi-table datasets.

Use Django to build a to-do list manager app. This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to use Django’s class-based views to build a powerful app while dramatically reducing your development time.



其实一个 DaaS 平台挂个 CLI 界面就足够了..


pytest has two different ways of marking a test so that it isn’t run. This article shows the difference between pytest.mark.skip and pytest.mark.xfail and why to use xfail.


pytest ~ 真.事实标准


Python optimizes smaller strings. If you assign multiple variables with the same string value, all the variables will refer to the same string underneath. Learn how it works.

How to install and switch between multiple versions of Python, manage dependencies & virtual environments, and how to reproduce and environment on another machine.



老问题了, 一直没能完备解决.


Word or text clouds are a common way for analysts to display textural, qualitative, or semantical data analysis. Learn how to build one in Python.



叕一个词云生成教程...当然, 想支持中文还有一段嗯哼



Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries, Projects & Code


嗯哼? Wordpress 的 Django 版本? 不过, 这的确是叕一个使用 Django 的理由.




logo 走肾了



其实每个人在折腾过程中都有积累类似笔记, 但是, 能整理为可发布形态, 又是另外一个能力了;



嗯哼? ScraPy 已经快要被功夫认证了... 不过, 这么多年了, 除了美汤, 竟然没有出现其它解析模块也是神奇.


📆🐍 活动/大会

Events, MeetUp 真的是全球线下活动组织中心


❤️ Happy Pythonic ;-(大妈私人无责任播报)




去年开始有小伙伴加入承担 pythonisa 周刊的翻译, 从来没提醒过, 可就这么默默坚持下来了...


[皱眉]每周新闻资讯 怎么能错过 
    what f**k 还能这样玩? 还有这东西?

无法同意更多... 很多社区贡献看起来辛苦, 其实受益最多的, 就是主动承担者也.

好文笔,感叹号年度配额: 1/3


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