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Learn how Python is revolutionizing an industry that’s notoriously resistant to change and fraught with every programmer’s most dreaded tool: Excel spreadsheets.


不过, 现实是 秋叶的PPT 课程还是最好卖, 公司中, Excel 耍的好的都是 C*O


For the fourth time, Python has won TIOBE’s Programming Language of the Year award. The award goes to the programming language that has gained the most popularity in one year, with Python rising by 2.01% in 2020.


感谢 COVID-19 ? 无数预测/分析都是用 Py 制作的,

当然, Guido 老爹入住 M$ 也是一种成圣仪式?

只是, Python 无论多好,我们自己无法用 Py 构造自己的睡后收入, 也只能是爱好而已.


Take a deep dive into how Python attributes work, including a detailed analysis of the CPython code.

How to ensure that your tests run code that you think they are running, and how to measure your coverage over multiple tox runs (in parallel.)


tox 这工具, 俺知道有5年多了, 但是, 没见国内有人用过哪...



Django REST framework (DRF) is a toolkit built on top of the Django web framework that reduces the amount of code you need to write to create RESTful HTTP APIs.


FastAPI 们比 DRF 重型框架们还是要更加嗯哼.





The hardest problem in programming isn’t naming things. It’s knowing when to take a break!


无法同意更多, 所以, 自我惩罚式晩睡, 一点儿作用也没有的.




Articles, Tutorials and Talks

Read about how a majorly confusing bug led one developer to a deeper understanding of text, how Python 2 and Python 3 handle text differently (hey, some people still have to support legacy Python!), and why you should always, always write tests.

Did you know you can customize the Python interpreter and even tell it to execute code at startup time? The current system for implementing these customizations is a bit dated, and this PEP proposes a change that brings a lot more flexibility and extensibility to this little-known feature.

“Luciano Ramalho is best known as the author of Fluent Python which has quickly become a leading resource for Python developers to increase their facility with the language. In this episode he shares his journey with Python and his perspective on how the recent changes to the interpreter and ecosystem are influencing who is adopting it and how it is being used.”

Python has played increasingly important roles in the finance and economics spaces. Learn the fundamentals of quantitative economics from these free and in-depth written lectures with tons of examples in Python.


所以说代码是新世代的法律, 量化交易本身是只能通过电脑进行的, 也就是代码才能进入的世界, 现在有自己的经济学了...


Examples on how to combine DataFrames in Pandas using the merge, join, append, concat, combine_first, and update functions.


唉嘛, 这真的是个现实的纠结, 为毛不在数据清洗阶段就完成合并?


Use Python, Django and AssemblyAI’s transcription API to improve recording accuracy for Twilio Programmable Voice phone calls.

Learn how Python’s .append() works and how to use it for adding items to your list in place. You’ll also learn how to code your own stacks and queues using .append() and .pop().

Setting up a development environment isn’t always easy. Learn how one developer streamlined his approach on macOS.


等等, macOS 和 Linux 中有什么区别嘛? 怎么就不容易了...

嗯哼, 好象真的...


Explore three ways to use type hints more explicitly in Python and avoid using the Any type.


Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries, Projects & Code


嗯哼? Jupyter 商用服务?

事先融合好各种框架/资源后, 可以在网页中就完成大量复杂计算, 并自动发布到 S3 之类云原生环境中的团队探索界面.

...The notebook you’ll love to use Deepnote is a new kind of data science notebook. Jupyter-compatible with real-time collaboration and running in the cloud. Oh, and it's free.

果然, 叕是 YC 毕业作品.



数据科学之后, 空间科学将是热点,

毕竟, Musk 准备死在火星了,

只是, 突破地面后, 在宇宙空间, 一切都不是那么简单的了,

就好象, 我们必须知道如何坐在高速运动中的飞机上, 如何计算出其它飞机相对位置以及未来位置, 并能精确规划自己的行动,



📆🐍 活动/大会

Events, MeetUp 真的是全球线下活动组织中心


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