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Python 3.9 has arrived! Real Python contributors Geir Arne Hjelle and Christopher Trudeau are walking you through changes and new features in Python 3.9, such as time zone improvements, merging dictionaries, the new parser, type hints, and more.



75 分钟, 大家高兴的谈及各种自己平时用不上的特性...


“There were approximately 2.1 million posts in these archives created between Feb 1981 and June of 1991. This article describes the journey of converting those tapes into fully searchable PostgreSQL database and later also into the website.”




“This is the fourth iteration of the official Python Developers Survey. With this survey, we aim to understand how the world of Python development looks today and how it compares to last year. In 2019, over 24,000 Python developers from 150 countries responded sharing their opinions and helping us get an accurate picture of the Python community.”


官方联合 JETBRAINS 的调查, 当然是有一定倾向的...


Changes in the behavior of pip install will reduce inconsistency and make it stricter. Pip will no longer install a combination of packages that is mutually inconsistent and if you ask pip to install two packages with incompatible requirements, it will refuse (rather than installing a broken combination, like it did in previous versions). These changes will become the default in pip 20.3, due to be released in October.

The pip team are considering removing pip search, or changing the way that it works. To help inform our decision, please tell us about your experience using pip search.


好东西哪, 去年 PyCon 时发布的原型, 受到关注, 然后就炸裂了...

也就是用 Rust 制造了一个 mini Python 运行时, 可以高效随应用一起发行, 解决以往 Python 应用发行时, 必须包含复杂的 Python 安装过程.




也就是说, Python 现在的版本发布工程终于有 KPI 了?




“I use it to generate endless random basic math questions for him to practice…”



januschung/math-worksheet-generator: Create basic addition, subtraction and multiplication practice questions with the answer sheet

嗯哼, 王珢当年入坑是自己构造了解题器, 可以理解并理代数/几何题, 这位老爹则是联合学校制造无限出题机...



Articles, Tutorials and Talks

In this course, you’ll walk through the main steps of the web scraping process. You’ll learn how to write a script that uses Python’s requests library to scrape data from a website. You’ll also use Beautiful Soup to extract the specific pieces of information that you’re interested in.


美汤当年因为糟糕的性能没人用, 没想到现在变成标准了. Beautiful


This article provides a framework for engineering and application security teams to think about denial-of-service (DoS) risk, breaks down DoS vulnerabilities into high-, medium-, and low-risk classes, and has recommendations for mitigations at each layer.

Learn how to identify and fix logic errors, or bugs, in your Python code. You’ll use the built-in debugging tools in Python’s Integrated Development and Learning Environment to practice locating and resolving bugs in an example function.



不是, 等等, 为什么是 IDLE? Tk 的伟大制品, 早已不值得使用了,


嗯哼内建, 又不支持中文, 所以是非常好的调试界面.


“[Pylint] was consuming a lot of memory, causing OOM failures if we tried to run it too much in parallel. I decided to roll up my sleeves and figure out: What exactly was consuming so much memory? Is there a way to avoid doing this?”

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use ggplot in Python to build data visualizations with plotnine. You’ll discover what a grammar of graphics is and how it can help you create plots in a very concise and consistent way.



ggplot 是比 matplotlib 更加古老而优秀的可视化工具, 现在 Python 也有稳定支持模块了.


“Since Python 3.6, regular dictionaries retain their insertion order. […] Here are two surprising things about these ordered dicts: You can’t get the first item and OrderedDict is a little different.”


数组天然有序, 字典丰富自由就是难以排序, 所以....


This article is a case study showing how to use Python to download and process historical temperature data in order to do analysis on the relationship between air temperature and power consumption.

“StackSort connects to StackOverflow, searches for ‘sort a list’, and downloads and runs code snippets until the list is sorted.” This is obviously not safe for production use ;-)







“Launchpad still requires Python 2, which in 2020 is a bit of a problem. Unlike a lot of the rest of 2020, though, there’s good reason to be optimistic about progress.”


作为 Ubuntu 等重量开源项目托管平台, Launchpad 这么长时间都没作好迁移, 已经证明...


A practical example for executing Python code in a Golang program and exchanging data between Go and Python. Shows how to use the Python C API in Go.


之前有人将 go 嵌入在 Python 代码中运行,


A detailed guide / online textbook to Software-Defined Radio (SDR) and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with Python.

An overview of Python hash tables and their main implementation: the dict object.




Click on a PEP to see other PEPs it mentions.


健康基础? 好读易维护, 说穿了, 代码是写给人看的.



其实, 没什么不同, 都是相同技术桟, GUI 工具, 现在真的没什么指望了...



Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries, Projects & Code


好久没见 asyncio 的消息了...



等等, python 2.7 only? CLI 参数过于复杂又不是什么好事儿, 有很多 CLI 工具框架, 提供了更加 Pythonic 的参数声明/解析形式, 为什么要用 argparse?





📆🐍 活动/大会

Events, MeetUp 真的是全球线下活动组织中心



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蟒营®编程思维提高班 Python版/13期已发布


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详情 => 蟒营®编程思维提高班 Python版/ 第13期


好文笔,感叹号年度配额: 1/3


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