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In this learning path from Microsoft, you’ll get an introduction to Python, and be inspired to learn, discover, and create using Python-based data science and machine learning to help generate knowledge about the world beyond Earth.


一门语言是否有统治地位, 还得看是否经得住上天, 毕竟在外空间, 硬盘都随时有字节被反转的可能, 所以, 对应运行时的容错能力就非常重要了...


When faced with the repetitive task of opening the same browser tabs, the same code IDE, and starting the same local server to start her workday, one resourceful Pythonista wrote a Python script to simplify her morning routine.


将 Py 脚本注入 Bash ... 更多乐趣, 更难迁移... )

The saga of PEP 622 continues with updates to the proposed structure of the match statement—which has some similarities to a switch statement—and a discussion on the best way to document objections to a PEP.

Learn how to write event-driven code using the RxPY library, which is the Python implementation of the ReactiveX framework.


Reactive Programming with Python



简单说, 现在我们的应用, 可以不依赖用户行为触发了, 而可以主动根据更多条件主动响应各种状态变化来行动;

可以说是 IFTTT 的语言/框架化. 或是说, 函式编程的泛化?


The more tests a project has, the better, right? Well, maybe not!

This could be the last release for 3.5!


嗯哼? 刚刚老爹在 Twitter 赞了 3.8.X ,怎么这儿才 3.5.10 ?




也就是说, 可以玩弹幕了?




True costs depend on so many factors, and there are tons of scenarios and strategies discussed in this thread.


不听不听, 反正现在俺的产品用户数量42人都没达到... )

How well do you know your quotes?


Articles, Tutorials and Talks

Python has no support for asynchronous file operations. But some operating systems support asynchronous file I/O, and languages such as .NET come with this support built-in. So how could you go about implementing this in Python?




Learn how to speed up your web scrapers with some multithreading.


芹菜 早已整体解决这事儿了, 不用生撸了


Wouldn’t it be nice to a use a form of version control for data? Something that would allow you to track and version your datasets and models. Well, that’s what the tool called DVC is designed to do. This week on the show, David Amos is here and he’s brought another batch of PyCoder’s Weekly articles and projects.



竟然有 MM 立即听了起来...


fastcore is a Python library that extends the language with utilities designed to enhance productivity. Learn about the different features fastcore provides, and then check out the project on GitHub to learn how the features are implemented.




Jupyter notebooks are a great way to explore data, but they are limited when it comes to producing something that is extensible and maintainable. Get an overview of software engineering best practices designed to help data scientists move beyond the notebook.


Jupter 的硬广, 的确, 现在 IPy[:NB] 已经是 REPL/IDE 之外, 又一个值得长期使用的好界面, 而且越来越方便了.


In this course, you’ll gain a working knowledge of the various factors that combine to keep communications over the Internet safe. You’ll see concrete examples of how to keep information secure and use cryptography to build your own Python HTTPS application.



感谢 Python 生态, 一切都是现成可用的


See how one tax attorney uses Python to automate grueling and repetitive tasks and improve his business. While the article is non-technical, it’s always fun to see how Python is used in diverse fields.

PyTorch vs Tensorflow: Which one should you use? Learn about these two popular deep learning libraries and how to choose the best one for your project.



Keras 都被 TF 吸收了, 另外还有个 FastAI , 其实, 具体用哪个并不是框架本身决定的, 还得看各自缘份了...

毕竟几个框架真正作用的算法是相同的, 只是涉及的运行时生态以及代码风格各有不同.

很可能以后都融合在专用 TPU 中, 根本不用专门学习一个什么框架, 用自然语言就可以完成训练了.



Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries, Projects & Code


叕一则 Clojure 传染成果; 嘦自己感觉好就是好...

只是, 无法生成 JVM 可用字节代码, 这个工具很鳮肋了哪.



Instagram 团队分享的静态代码分析工具.



几何以及代数, 中学生的恶梦



FastAI 一己之力, 在 google 们中间闯出了自己的道路.





只是叕一个 海德拉 , 外国人起名都这般直的? )

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