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In this tutorial, you’ll learn to use DVC, a powerful tool that solves many problems encountered in machine learning and data science. You’ll find out how data version control helps you to track your data, share development machines with your team, and create easily reproducible experiments!



简单说, 就是将数据集的索引用 git 追踪, 数据集本身不用专门空间来管理...


如果 6G 普及后, 无论数据集在哪儿都可以比硬盘读取速度要快的下载, 那么, 也就不用这么折腾了...


Take a stroll through the Dockerfile for the official Python Docker image. Along the way you’ll see how the image uses a custom Python build and always includes the latest version of pip.

Learn about security issues that exploit how Python interacts with PATH and why you should always think twice about your current working directory.

Is it faster to “ask for forgiveness” or “look before you leap” in Python? And when is it better to use one over the other?

Learn about common mistakes made in creating and building a Python package and how to avoid them.



Wait, can you even divide infinity by anything?





c'est la vie (´-ι_-`)



Articles, Tutorials and Talks

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Python’s mmap module to improve your code’s performance when you’re working with files. You’ll get a quick overview of the different types of memory before diving into how and why memory mapping with mmap can make your file I/O operations faster.



反正内存越来越大, 也就可以越来越任性了...


How to use the power of Cython to unlock the potential of both Python and C++, and help streamline the way that knowledge can be packaged and shared all over the world – even without the internet.



竟然动用了 希瑞 ...

用定制并发系统,将主要wiki 都拖下来变成 ZIM 格式文件, 用 Kiwix 浏览...

等等, 这难道不是 Kiwix ZIM reader 的广告?


One of AsyncIO’s weaknesses is that it doesn’t support structured concurrency, unlike competitive projects like Trio. That’s where AnyIO comes in!

Caching is a popular way to improve application performance. The LRU strategy is popular, even though it is sometimes sub-optimal compared to the LFU strategy, because it has constant-time performance. However, you can improve LFU to get constant time performance, with some memory overhead as a trade-off.

In the third part of this series, you’ll learn how to add Python bindings to a Rust crate as well as test, package, and release a project to PyPI.

How well can convolutional neural networks and sector ETF data predict the direction of the Dow Jones Industrial Average in the future?

Robots driven by Python, PyTorch, and computer vision are being used to identify, map, and target weeds in a field, helping farmers increase yield and avoid widespread use of an herbicide. While this article is non-technical, it’s an interesting study of Python’s impact in the real world.

The most widely used programming languages for economic research are Julia, Matlab, Python and R. Despite Python’s strengths, most notably its extensive ecosystem of packages, the authors settle on Julia as their preferred language.


这种事儿, 不是看技术社区, 得看 华尔街 ...

所以, Julia 的硬广其实很无奈... )

The R language has seen a big comeback this summer, rising sharply in the TIOBE index. But the future of the relationship between R and Python is less about “R vs. Python” and more about “R and Python.”


R 看 Python 一向是俯视的, 毕竟在高校中一直是 R 为正统, 不过, 上次在北大 RCon 上, 分享 Jupyter 体验后, 就知道, 这事儿, 看从哪个方向看了...


Open-source programming languages, which are incredibly valuable, are not well accounted for in economic statistics. How much economic value do you think Python has?


GDP 和技术当然有关联, 只是如何关联以及核算, 一直没什么公认的好办法...

等等, 为什么 Julia 也掺合进来了?



Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries, Projects & Code


web 1.0 时代好工具, 也支持中文, 只是目标网站本身得足够良构哪.







基于 asciimatics 构造的终端幻灯工具, 之前用过几种, 都不错, 唯一问题是无法简单的发布到网络中, 不如 Pandoc 可以编译出 H5 形式的幻灯来.


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