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Guido van Rossum recently proposed re-introducing the Python print statement. He was completely serious and even though the idea didn’t gain traction, it’s interesting to know why he made the proposal.


无法再基础的内建函式了, 但是, 一样有坑, 一定要认真学习.


Get started on 13 Python project ideas that are just right for intermediate Python developers. They’ll challenge you enough to help you become a better Pythonista but will still be doable!



MVP 永远是最给力的成长加速器.


Get a crash course in programming autonomous robots with Python. Don’t have a robot laying around? No problem! Use this open-source simulator to get started.


良心好文, 指出了核心问题, 以及坑位, 还有对应资源.


Have you ever wondered how JIT compilers like PyPy work? Learn the basics by looking at a number of JITs including PyPy, LuaJIT, and Graal.




Take a deep dive into Python dictionaries by looking at four problems and considering their solutions.

The Python import system is as powerful as it is useful. In this in-depth tutorial, you’ll learn how to harness this power to improve the structure and maintainability of your code.



太 docker 了.


Python’s low barrier to entry, enormous ecosystem, and rapid development process has made it one of he most desired programming languages for millions of developers around he globe—including malicious actors. Read the article at the link above and follow the discussion on Hacker News.


就象当年的 VB.



pytest 应该统一 TDD 市场了? )



Even if you don’t have a Ph.D. and don’t work at a FAANG company, you still deserve some appreciation!


Articles, Tutorials and Talks

Every Python object has a little bit of memory overhead, and that overhead can really add up if you need to create a huge number of instances. Find out where this overhead comes from and some strategies for reducing memory usage.

In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to inspect and manipulate IP addresses as Python objects with Python’s ipaddress module, improving your understanding of IP address mechanics and patterns used by the module.



这个模块绝对良心, 好用.


Django is a “batteries included” framework, but one battery that isn’t included is two-factor authentication (2FA). Learn how to set up 2FA on the Django Admin site using an authentication app like Google Authenticator.

Arrange-Act-Assert is a test pattern that forces tests to focus on independent, individual behaviors. Learn how to use it for your tests!

Learn how to create a simple graph in Python. Not graph as in chart, but graph is in network diagram (or, dots connected with lines).



其实也算是 TSP 问题的一种思路.


The “Plus Minus Problem” asks whether or not it’s possible, given the numbers 1 to n, to add and subtract them in some manner so that the total sum is zero. The problem may not have many practical applications, but it’s a great way to illustrate how a little bit of reasoning can save you from exponential-time algorithms.


涉及数论问题时, Python 反而是最趁手的工具, 毕竟形式上太直觉了.


HCrystalBall wraps time series forecasting projects like fbprophet, arima with autoarima, exponential smoothing from statsmodels, and (t)bats, and unifies them under a scikit-learn compatible interface so that you can leverage features like scikit-learn pipelines.

Thanks to high-quality pretrained models, Wikipedia, and Streamlit, deploying a state-of-the-art question answering system has never been easier!


Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries, Projects & Code



旅行商艺术模块, 太魔幻了,

TSP 问题的研究,直接加速了 CPU 自动设计进程, 是个非常复杂又实用的领域, 没想到 Py 也入侵了这一领域.







FormHelper *gui = new FormHelper(screen);
ref<Window> window = gui->add_window(Vector2i(10, 10), "Form helper example");
gui->add_group("Basic types");
gui->add_variable("bool", bvar);
gui->add_variable("string", strvar);

gui->add_group("Validating fields");
gui->add_variable("int", ivar);
gui->add_variable("float", fvar);
gui->add_variable("double", dvar);

gui->add_group("Complex types");
gui->add_variable("Enumeration", enumval, enabled)
   ->setItems({"Item 1", "Item 2", "Item 3"});
gui->add_variable("Color", colval);

gui->add_group("Other widgets");
gui->add_button("A button", [](){ std::cout << "Button pressed." << std::endl; });


看起来像是 C++ 代码.



突然, 又来一波函式编程支持模块...



魔改 Python 语法糖果盒 支持这么玩:

"hello, world!" |> print








NB 的是对其它生物也一样有效.


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