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原文: PyCoder's Weekly - Issue #427


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This PEP proposes adding pattern matching—a sort of enhanced switch statement—to the Python language. Read the PEP at the link above and follow the discussion on Reddit.


def is_tuple(node: Node) -> bool:
    match node:
        case Node(children=[LParen(), RParen()]):
            return True
        case Node(children=[Leaf(value="("), Node(), Leaf(value=")")]):
            return True
        case _:
            return False

这非常 Elixir 了.


One of the advantages Python has over a language like C is that you don’t have to worry about how memeory is freed up during program execution. But sometimes Python’s memory management doesn’t work the way you’d expect.

In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how Python’s reduce() works and how to use it effectively in your programs. You’ll also learn some more modern, efficient, and Pythonic ways to gently replace reduce() in your programs.



用 eomji 来解释...



What makes Python… Python? Is it the language semantics? A set of features? What could you strip away and still have something you’d call Python? Everyone needs a little programming language existentialism now and then.



这 logo 也忒萌了吧...


There’s an implementation of PEP 622 that you can try out here. But it has some potentially confusing effects.

It only took 28 year, but now you can have your very own robot dog. If you can stomach the price tag, that is. But hey, it’s got a Python SDK!





Is that a corgi or a goldfish?



Considering issues like floating-point representation error, is it ever a good idea to use a float as an index?

Is it, though? The square root of 2 might not be a good value for timing comparisons.


Articles, Tutorials and Talks

Explore the heap and priority queue data structures. You’ll learn what kinds of problems heaps and priority queues are useful for and how you can use the Python heapq module to solve them.




The lru_cache decorator allows you to take advantage of memoization to optimize function calls.

In this course, you’ll get a Python-centric introduction to character encodings and Unicode. Handling character encodings and numbering systems can at times seem painful and complicated, but this guide is here to help with easy-to-follow Python examples.



用无线电载波来形容 Unicode 流程, 好赞.


Author Victor Stinner argues that Python’s C API is too close to the CPython implementation, which limits available optimizations and hinders the addition of new features. PEP 622 proposes hiding implementation details from the C API.

Have you wanted to learn Regular Expressions in Python, but don’t know where to start? Have you stumbled into the dreaded pink SettingWithCopyWarning in Pandas? Then check out this episode of the Real Python Podcast.




The Dependency Inversion Principle helps you design code that is more extensible and easier to test. You can use it to test code that makes HTTP requests without using mocks.


随着微服务的扩张, RPC 盛大回归, 基于 HTTP 的请求越来越少的了...


Red Hat explains how they compiled CPython with GCC’s -fno-semantic-interposition flag to get run time speed improvements up to 30% faster than normal.

Should you use mutable objects for default function arguments? Conventional wisdom says no, but has the risk been overstated?

Learn how to use OpenCV to detect street lanes in an image of a road.


Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries, Projects & Code


好久没见这位的消息了, 还活着, 甚好.



NLP 相关项目越来越多, 说明 AI 落地首先是这个方向?



嗯哼, 很少见的小语种 NLP 模块哪... 目测是国家项目? )


这个可以有, 通过Py 就可以和远程主机进行 剪贴板 自动同步操作了?



反正 Python 从内核就设计的异常亲 C, 所以, 各种 C++ 的模块进行包装很自然. )

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Events, MeetUp 真的是全球线下活动组织中心


中国也已经接到有关通知, 允许线下集会申报了...




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