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In this tutorial, you’ll learn about implementing optimization in Python with linear programming libraries. Linear programming is one of the fundamental mathematical optimization techniques. You’ll use SciPy and PuLP to solve linear programming problems.



线性规划, 经典的最优解区域寻定方法, 当然, 这得在具体问题场景中才有意义.


Django and Payton developers teamed up with clinicians and researchers to release a new analytics platform called OpenSafely that allows researchers to analyze NHS health records from over 24 million people In the UK. With strict safety and privacy standards, OpenSafely may help redefine how medical data is analyzed and shared.

PEP 618, which adds a new strict parameter to the built-in zip() function that optionally enforces same-length iterables, has been accepted for Python 3.10. Read the acceptance letter here and some interesting discussion about the PEP on Reddit.

“Python’s pickle module is a very convenient way to serialize and de-serialize objects. It needs no schema, and can handle arbitrary Python objects. But it has problems. This post briefly explains the problems.”


腌菜V5, 无论有多不健康, 好用才是王道.

当然, 有更好的推荐了:

marshmallow(软糖推荐) , cattrs , protocol buffers , 等等



On June 20th, 2020 PyLadies India held their first Meetup featuring a talk by CPython Core Contributor Mariatta Wijaya. Organizer Anwesha Das recounts her PyLadies journey and the steps the organization took to make the meetup a reality.




Secure a containerized Django app running behind an HTTPS Nginx proxy with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates.

Contributing to open-source projects is a great way to learn new techniques and level up your skills. Martin Winkel shares five advanced pytest techniques he learned while contributing to the pandas project.


每一个高速发展的大型开源项目中, 测试部分, 都是精巧的艺术品.


Version 1.19.0 drops support for Python 3.5 and below, including Python 2.


Pandas 真正的内核以及英雄...




Here’s a challenge: draw the word “MAIL” on your operating system CPU usage graph. Can you think of a simple way to do it with Python? Read on and get your mind blown with a fun round of code golf.

Are you using JupyterLab yet?


Articles, Tutorials and Talks

Property based testing is a powerful tool for generating test data and probing edge cases. Once you’ve learned the basics of a framework like Hypothesis, though, you might be left wondering how to generate complex data needed to test real world applications. Learn about several strategies in this intermediate-level tutorial.


嘦是用户输入, 都是件疯狂的事儿. )

Learn about LSTM (Long short-term memory) and RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) techniques while building a recipe generator so that you too can enjoy delicious creations like “Cream Soda with Onions” and “Salmon Mousse of Beef and Stilton Salad with Jalapeños.”

In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a cross-platform graphical user interface (GUI) using Python and PySimpleGUI. A graphical user interface is an application that has buttons, windows, and lots of other elements that the user can use to interact with your application.


太过简单以至 无法进行商业生产...



In this course, you’ll learn how to make a Discord bot in Python and interact with several APIs. You’ll learn how to handle events, accept commands, validate and verify input, and all the basics that can help you create useful and exciting automations!


Discord 和 Slack 类似, 都是从游戏世界衍生出来的神奇平台.


因为接口友好, 快速形成了自己的生态. )

The proxy pattern is a design pattern that promotes loose coupleing and enhanced testabaility. Learn how to use this pattern in Python and when you might want to do so.


世界这么美好, 为什么一定要格式化成某些模式?


Learn how to use GitHub’s Python client to create issues, gists, upload files, and more.



GitHub 接口设计简直就是业界典范了...


Explore financial data with object-oriented programming and additive models.

  • 用 Python 和 Excel 在5分钟内进行网页爬取](
    • • Shared by Corey J. Gallon

Compare web scraping Audible audiobook data in both Python and Excel.


Excel 本质上和 Jupyter 一样是个综合计算平台, 并不是单纯的表格工具.

当然, 想真正用好, God bless U.








神之编辑器, 近来无人嗯哼了...



Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries, Projects & Code


嗯哼? 这么好的项目名, 是如何抢到手的?



凡是舒爽的商业服务, 都有对应的开源替代品;

反过来也成立->如果一个商业产品竟然没有任何开源替代品,只能说明, 哈哈哈哈...



mac 下虚拟机支持姿势太多了...

但是, 永远也不够



Jinja2 是个著名的模板系统,

jina 则...


📆🐍 活动/大会

Events, MeetUp 真的是全球线下活动组织中心

PyGotham TV is the online version of NYC’s annual Python conference. It will take place this October 2nd and 3rd. The call for talk proposals is open now through July 5. You could propose an infomercial, a talk show, a comedy routine, a sitcom, or just a regular tech talk about Python or any technology subject that interests you. PyGotham is an eclectic conference that covers policy, culture, and art, along with standard tech and Python topics.


中国也已经接到有关通知, 允许线下集会申报了...




❤️ Happy Pythonic ;-(大妈私人无责任播报)

101camp10py 即将报名


    发布报名 2020.6.29
    报名截止 2020.7.20
    正式开课 2020.7.26
    课程结束 2020.9.06

详情 => 蟒营™ Python 入门班第10期


NN 4054

好文笔,感叹号年度配额: 1/3


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