Pandas DataFrame: 使处理数据令人愉快

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The final version of Python 2 has been released. As the Python community looks forward to the new era, Ryan Donovan from the Stack Overflow Blog takes some time to reflect on the transition and points out that, while support for Python 2 from official channels may be gone, the language isn’t dead. In fact, there’s reason to believe it will live on for decades to come.


再次: 不会的, Python 2.x 足以用到下个10年...


Python 3.9 is scheduled for release on May 10, 2020, and it’s packed full of new goodies. Explore these new features in this overview by Martin Heinz, including new dict operators, updates to the math module, new string methods, a functools.ToplogicalSorter class, and more!


实话, 并不想知道...



In this tutorial, you’ll learn how you can use the Python pickle module to convert your objects into a stream of bytes that can be saved to a disk or sent over a network. You’ll also learn the security implications of using this process on objects from an untrusted source.



pickle 绝对是 Python 内建模块中最迷人的一个, 谁都忍不住溢用她...


As part of PyCon US 2020, the Python Steering Council will record a Q&A. They are soliciting questions from the community, so here’s your chance to get your burning questions answered!


很认真, 也很无奈...


This course is a reference guide to common Python application layouts and project structures for command-line applications, web applications, and more.



的确, Python 程序其实,非常 八股文的...

输入->处理->输出, 没了...




It’s not that professional programmers never fail. They’ve just learned how to deal with failure and recover from it—most of the time, anyway. What coping mechanisms have you come up with?





Lots of great advice for new Python programmers in this thread!



其实, 最基础的, 一年以内可以用 Python 赚到钱, 那么一切目标都达到了.



Articles, Tutorials and Talks

Quick quiz: how many numeric data types are there in Python? If you answered “two, duh” then you might be surprised to learn that there are actually four! In addition to int and float, the fractions and decimal standard library modules implement data types used to represent fraction and decimal numbers exactly. Learn about all of Python’s numeric data types, their strengths and weakness, and how to choose the right one in this short-but-informative article from Moshe Zadka.

Docker is a popular tool for distributing applications bundled with their environments. It’s often sold as a cure to the “it worked on my machine” conundrum, but you’re not alone if you’ve found this to be a bit oversold. The issue isn’t with Docker, though. Chances are your images aren’t completely reproducible. In this tutorial, you’ll learn some best practices for creating reproducible Docker builds.

Imagine you’re maintaining an open-source Python package and you’re going to release a new version with breaking changes. You warn users about those changes in documentation and even blast the info on social media channels. But wouldn’t it be great if you could warn users right in their terminal as their using your tool? Well, with Python’s warnings module, you can! How are warnings different from Python exceptions? Learn how to send and filter warnings, and why you would want to do so.

Users love being able to configure an application. But dealing with user configuration means parsing untrusted input, validating that input, and figuring out how to access it safely in all the layers of your applications. Python has a rich configuration ecosystem. Lots of articles focus on how to use various configuration formats in your Python programs but skip out on the finer details of how and when configuration should be validated. This tutorial fills in some of those gaps.


又来...配置的确是软件工程中比较纠结的一个方面, 不过, 用好 Python 本身就足以在配置上非常自在了;

关键是克制. 嫑在配置文件中包含过多计算/判定/摄取/... 之类行为.


Have you heard about Python’s set data type? A set is an unordered collection of distinct objects that support fast membership tests and can be used to remove duplicates from a sequence. Learn all about this handy data type in this beginner-friendly article from Mike Driscoll.

In this tutorial, you’ll get started with Pandas DataFrames, which are powerful and widely used two-dimensional data structures. You’ll learn how to perform basic operations with data, handle missing values, work with time-series data, and visualize data from a Pandas DataFrame.


使用 Pandas 最大的技巧, 可能就是别怕浪费内存, 能复制时, 一定要复制, 以免纠缠



This article explores rate limiting algorithms using Python and Redis, starting from a naive approach and culminate at an advanced one called Generic Cell Rate Algorithm (GCRA).

“We take an email and verify the the DKIM-Signature step by step using Python. We also take care about the signing itself (RSA). Source code included.”


by hand 就是从头撸, 将 邮件的 DKIM 签名详细刷了一遍


In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a correlation matrix in Python with NumPy and Pandas. Plus upper & lower triangular (tables).


gitlab 在长年陪跑情况下, 终于发现了自己最大的优势, 开始加强 CI/CD 方面的功能, 所以, 大家都来了...



嗯哼? 坚持了8年, 周刊终于有越来越多来自社区的自发推荐了... 不容易.



嵌入在 CI/CD 过程中就很香了...



Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries, Projects & Code



Python is Lisp with syntactic sugar and Lisp is Forth with syntactic sugar.

于是发现了叕一个新语言; Forth 是比 Lisp 更加极端的一门小众开发语言.


fib <- fun[i]:
    if i < 3:
    return(fib(x - 1) + fib(x - 2))


[ pick1 pushi: 3 < [ drop1 1 return ] if
  pick1 1 - fib pick2 - fib + s21 drop1 return ] bind: fib



自动读取Twitter 并打印成发票以便晚上慢慢读...




全新语言, 专注高效完成物理引擎/粒子系统/...等等需要海量计算的动画自动生成....

已经有丰富的案例, 是的国货. 基于 Python 深度定制.




这个很牛了...GPLv3; 可以拿来作各种好玩儿的东西了.




从 3D 空间的理解上自动化处理照片, 华人主力团队成果, PyTorch 为核心.


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