原文: PyCoder's Weekly - Issue #368


Among the new major new features and changes so far: Assignment expressions (PEP 572), Positional-only arguments (PEP 570), multiprocessing can now use shared memory to avoid pickling, typed_ast is back.

In this tutorial, you'll learn about libraries that can be used for playing and recording sound in Python, such as PyAudio and python-sounddevice. You'll also see code snippets for playing and recording sound files and arrays, as well as for converting between different sound file formats.



总之有太多模块可以使用, 但是, 没有完美解决所有问题的... 所以, 要组合来嗯哼...

推荐外部专用软件来嗯哼, python 就进行管理就好.


"This blog post talks about reverse engineering the Dropbox client, breaking its obfuscation mechanisms, de-compiling it to Python code as well as modifying the client in order to use debug features which are normally hidden from view."



终于有人站出来分析靠谱的 py 客户端技巧了...


虽然有麻烦, 但是, 都能嗯哼掉


A discussion of PEP554 (subinterpreters) and how it relates to the global interpreter lock (GIL) in CPython.


有关 PEP 的讨论越来越公开了...

毕竟, BDLF 退位了, 大家终于能愉快的吵架了...


Another discussion of subinterpreters (PEP 554) and how they will allow true in-process parallelism.


叕一则鼓动使用 py3 新特性的文章...

问题是, 用 py2 的经验来写 py3 并无太大不同哪...




It was auctioned off at PyCon 2019.

Inheritance vs Composition


OOP 早已证明不是银弹, 为毛一直在讨论?

嗯哼, JAVA 在努力续命...



Articles, Tutorials and Talks

Which Docker image should you use for your Python app? There are many choices, and it may not be obvious which is the best for your situation. This article gives you a good overview of the current options available.


嫑用 Alpine Linux
嫑用 Alpine Linux
嫑用 Alpine Linux


In this video series you'll see how to install and set up the PyLint code linter tool. You'll learn why you should use code linters like PyLint, Flake8, PyFlakes, or other static analysis tools—and how they can help you write cleaner and more Pythonic code.



嗯哼, 这次插图就不搭调了...


"I was able to find the cheapest flights with the minimal duration and the resulting prices were almost the same as on Google Flights."

F-Strings will get a = format specifier that expands like a macro into = to serve as a debugging aid.

If you have a public facing Django site in multiple languages, you probably want to let Google and other search engines know about it. This article shows you the minimal setup necessary to support this use case.

Pandas has a relatively new API for styling output. This article shows examples of using the style API.

How to add basic search functionality to any Django website.



但是, 和 Bokeh 相比, 都少了一个 HTML 输出能力



Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries


专注各种物理量之间的转化... 嗯哼, 反正时间是最麻烦的...




叕一系列开源 AI 课程,



所以, pi 开始的项目, 都不念 -> 应该是



Type !help or !h for help
Playing puzzle index: 1
Your letters are: 
           /     \
          /       \
    ,----(    N    )----.
   /      \       /      \
  /        \_____/        \
  \   H    /     \    U   /
   \      /       \      /
    )----(    R'   )----(
   /      \       /      \
  /        \_____/        \
  \   G    /     \    D   /
   \      /       \      /
    `----(    O    )----'
          \       /

Max score: 88
Total words: 37
Your guess: GROUND

非常经典的拼写游戏了... RMS 在 emcase 中经常玩...


📆🐍 活动/大会



❤️ Happy Pythonic!



FF 自己作死, 闷杀了以往杀出重围的利器 -> 扩展生态

参考: 嫑升级 FireFox 到 56 以上

前几天又故意关闭了扩展认证...以至老版本 FF 中可用 扩展 也全部失效...

依赖的一系列精选生产力扩展无法使用, 只能全部迁移到 WaterFox 中;

这才恢复 ScrapBook 的的所有体验;

CoLT 也有一半功能失常, 今天又根据分享, 用 FormatLink 完成替代...

Legacy Firefox extensions - index


现在就差 docwhat/itsalltext: It's All Text! - Edit textareas in your browser with your favorite editor!





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