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PyCon 2019 in Cleveland was an amazing experience! A big Thank You to all of the organizers and volunteers who made it happen! At the link above you'll find a list of tweets from the conference to give you a sense of what it was like there. Also check out the talk recordings on YouTube.


今年大会是 Py2 在世最后一次了...

得看看, 大家怎么看 Py2 没有的世界...


"I did not enjoy at all when the central developers were sending me hints on Twitter questioning my authority and the wisdom of my decisions, instead of telling me in my face and having an honest debate about things."


网络暴力无论谁, 也无法真正无视...

因为人脑是自动化处理信息的, 主意识只能起个分流作用...

garbage in 
garbage out


"You've run your batch process with your scientific model, and after hours and hours it spit out a result. And the result is wrong." Itamar's article has some valuable tips on how to debug this type of situation in your own Python programs.


如何避免长期运行后才有结果的程序, 给出错误结果...


Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers. Interested? Submit your profile, and if accepted, you can receive interview requests directly from top companies seeking Python devs. Get started →



另外 FCC 也是好渠道...


Challenges in making a package index turn a profit and what happened in the JavaScript community with NPM. Recommended reading!


这是向服务厂商进化的必然, 就看 PFP 是否够胆了...

否则, PyPi 永远无法成为生产线中的一环...


This post discusses some of the current profiling tools and techniques for Python apps: "The official documentation has a whole section on the subject, but we shall go beyond that and have a look at some alternative solutions, especially in the area of sampling profilers." Nice read!






This article shows you how to maintain your own GeoIP database and how to implement an API around it. Very cool, I had no idea this data was available for free.

Learn how to sort various types of data in different data structures, customize the order, and work with two different ways of sorting in Python.









Articles, Tutorials and Talks

Learn how to use the "main function" pattern in Python, as well as some best practices to organize your code so it can be executed as a script and imported from another module.




A new & fun Python podcast hosted by two middle school teachers learning and teaching Python. Kelly & Shawn, nice meeting you at PyCon!



嗯哼, 如果不是盲人, 没必要这么拼吧...


"In this tutorial, we'll be learning and creating RESTful APIs with Flask. To follow along with this tutorial, you should already have a good grasp of Python, Flask, and SQLAlchemy."

New feature that allows you to edit locally and have your code and tools are running remotely inside of Docker containers, remote SSH hosts, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).


看起来很美, 暂时仅支持和 WSL 远程, 不过, 即使支持 nature linux,

可是, 为毛要修改远程主机文件? 直接的?


An intro to the benefits of distributed systems and how to move to distributed systems using RabbitMQ. Learn the fundamentals of RabbitMQ and how to interact with it using Python.


其实, Jupyter 本身也具有类似能力了


Join the O'Reilly Open Source Software Conference (OSCON) this July to see what's shaping software development—from AI and cloud technology to distributed computing—and learn how to put it to work for you. Save 25% with code PYCODER.

"How could ancient Sumerian wheel builders have calculated the ideal shape without modern computers and software? We may never know. Luckily, with today's technology, it is relatively easy to rediscover the wheel's optimal shape." ;-)


PyTorch 想追上 TF 首先, 得能进入 mobile 系统


Learn how context managers and the "with" statement work in Python, including the difference between class-based and function-based context managers.

Quick overview of the Black code formatter, one of my favorite developer productivity tools.


叕一则 FP.py 的宣传..只是...



Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

This is incredible, a clean-room reimplementation of the ZFS filesystem in Python, without reading the original C source code. Quote: "It seemed like it might be a fun project."


等等...意思是 ZFS 有复苏可能?

$ zexplore label -p tests/fixtures/feature_large_blocks
{b'errata': 0,
 b'features_for_read': {},
 b'guid': 6168868809305637343,
 b'hostid': 8323329,
 b'hostname': b'ubuntu-zesty',
 b'name': b'feature_large_blocks',
 b'pool_guid': 16637796155898928459,
 b'state': 1,
 b'top_guid': 6168868809305637343,
 b'txg': 16,
 b'vdev_children': 1,
 b'vdev_tree': {b'ashift': 9,
                b'asize': 62390272,
                b'create_txg': 4,
                b'guid': 6168868809305637343,
                b'id': 0,
                b'is_log': 0,
                b'metaslab_array': 33,
                b'metaslab_shift': 24,
                b'path': b'/vagrant/fixtures/feature_large_blocks',
                b'type': b'file'},
 b'version': 5000}


Pykka is a Python implementation of the actor model. The actor model introduces some simple rules to control the sharing of state and cooperation between execution units, which makes it easier to build concurrent applications.


将一切化入 dict 对象


📆🐍 活动/大会



❤️ Happy Pythonic!



FF 自己作死, 闷杀了以往杀出重围的利器 -> 扩展生态

参考: 嫑升级 FireFox 到 56 以上

前几天又故意关闭了扩展认证...以至老版本 FF 中可用 扩展 也全部失效...

依赖的一系列精选生产力扩展无法使用, 只能全部迁移到 WaterFox 中;

这才恢复 ScrapBook 的的所有体验;

CoLT 也有一半功能失常, 今天又根据分享, 用 FormatLink 完成替代...

Legacy Firefox extensions - index


现在就差 docwhat/itsalltext: It's All Text! - Edit textareas in your browser with your favorite editor!



  • [突发]Trio 作者质疑 Requests 作者 Kenneth Reitz 存在不当行为](https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/5BWZYUvc5HXnvaqiawKBVA)
    • 翻译ing...
    • 授权申请ing...
  • 蟒营 Python 入门班
    • 已开班, 进入 ch03
    • 下期可能 7月中




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