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We got t-shirts. We are really excited to do this for the community and hope everyone picks one up. Those of you who follow us on twitter saw us tweet the various mocks while we were designing. They are a high quality blend shirt, same one Github uses for their shirts.

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Python 3.3.0 beta 1 is out the door. Click through the link for all the details about the upcoming release.

This is a great idea. During the month of July, the crowd at Julython are trying to encourage developers of all skill levels to try and work on their pet Python project(s) just a little each day. July is coming fast, time to get ready!

This is a really great initiative and the pledge says it all "As a member of the Python community, we pledge only to attend, speak at, assist, sponsor, or otherwise participate in conferences that publicly promote an anti-harassment and anti-discrimination code of conduct policy."


What's your stance on tuple() and list() versus (,) and "[ ]" and why? (reddit.com)


The new hawtness from Randall Degges . Deploying django applications is hard. This project saves you from having to deal with boilerplate and get straight to work. Like all awesome things django-skel has documentation too!

With great power comes great responsibility. sqlmap gives you the power to automatically inject SQL in attempts to takeover a database system. Supports all major database types.

Triangulizor is a little Python script to apply a "triangular pixel" effect to images.

Jarvis was inspired by works of Bret Victor , especially his talk Inventing on Principle . The idea is similar to the principles around LightTable. They describe it as a companion for Python programmer to get the answers they need. A little something to hold you over until LightTable is finished with Python support.

  • httpie (github.com) HTTPie is a CLI, cURL-like tool for humans.


In order to help new developers get up and running Ubuntu is having workshops for writing Ubuntu applications in Python. We really love that Ubuntu is taking the initiative to do this.

Andrea O. K. Wright contacted us about the talk she gave at Pycon US because she thought this may be of interest to Pycoders. She was right, this is pretty awesome. This is a talk about language interop between Python and Scala with a walk through the lower-level code that allows inter-language communication to happen. Link is talk materials, video here.

The team at matchFWD explain how they do Template(Web and Email) A/B testing. They provide a script to accomplish this task and explain all the important pieces. If you are looking to start doing A/B testing in your templates, this is a good resource to get started.

This article clearly explains some of the problems you can encounter when working with ZeroMQ. Sockets stuck in the wrong state upon disconnect is one of the more common ones. The author explains why this happens and ways to fix it and some better solutions.

We love articles like this. Often the Python documentation isn't it enough, it's awesome to see developers go really deep into the implementation of something, or how a particular language feature works. That is the case here with the this great breakdown of itertools.tee(), check it out.

This is a great breakdown of communicating with RESTful API's in Python, the author uses the Github API as an example and shows how to work with it using urllib/urllib2, httplib2 and Python-requests.


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