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  • Django bug修复版本发布: 1.9.1和1.8.8 点击链接查看1.9.1和1.8.8详情 Release notes for 1.9.1 can be found here and release notes for 1.8.8 can be found here. Shared by @mgrouchy

  • PyDev 4.5.1: 更快的调试 PyDev4.5.1发布,调试器的速度得到大幅度提升,PyDev用户的福音 PyDev 4.5.1 has been released with drastic improvements in debugger speed. Worth checking out of you are a PyDev user! Shared by @mgrouchy

  • PSF 2015社区服务奖颁给Berker Peksağ 祝贺Berker Peksağ被授予Python软件基金会社区服务奖. 点击了解更多关于Berker的贡献,送上自己的祝福或看你能做些什么! Congratulations to Berker Peksağ for being awarded the Python Software Foundations Community Service Award. Click through to learn more about Berker's contributions, send along your own congratulations or find out how you can help! Shared by @mgrouchy

  • Ansible 2.0发布 Ansible2.0发布,点击链接,查看更多变更详情 Version 2.0 of the fantastic Ansible has been released! Click through for more information about whats in this release. Shared by @mgrouchy

  • Jupyter Notebook 4.1发布 Jupyter 4.1发布,点击链接,查看更多变更详情 Jupyter 4.1 has been released! Click through to get more information about this release and of course, update your versions! Shared by @mgrouchy



来自 猎豹移动 - 全球最大的移动工具开发商 ... 急招 5+ 名有服务端开发经验的 Pythonista/gopher!

来自 猎豹移动 - 全球最大的移动工具开发商 急招 N 名有服务端开发经验的 gopher!

来自帝都 音乐教育领域 O2O 创业团队,颜值最高的创业团队; 急招 前端Python后端工程师 若干名, 年薪280K 起,还有期权!

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  • Python数据科学入门 想要入门数据科学么?从这里入手吧 Looking to dip your toes into Data Science? This might be a great place to start. take a look! Shared by @mgrouchy

  • 决定将Python迁移至GitHub背后的历史 看看将Python开发移至Github是如何决定的 Get a look inside how the decision was made to move Python development to Github. Shared by @mgrouchy

  • FFT傻瓜指南 你说什么?快速傅立叶变换?如果你想了解更多关于他们的,这是一个伟大的开始. Whats that you say? Fast Fourier transforms? If you ever wanted to learn more about them, this is a great place to start. Shared by @mgrouchy

  • Python 2和3异常中的泄漏 很好的分析了异常对象中内存泄漏而导致的异常回溯中的循环引用. 值得一读! This is a nice look at memory leaks in exception objects cause by cyclic references in exception tracebacks. Good read! Shared by @myusuf3

  • Python虚拟环境和Docker 关于Python虚拟环境和Docker你想知道的一切 Everything you probably ever wanted to know about Python virtual environments and Docker. Shared by @myusuf3

  • Exceptions - 原力的黑暗面 Exceptions中潜在的陷阱 More about exceptions here and why they are great, but also looks at some potential gotchas with exceptions. Shared by @mgrouchy

  • hasattr()被认为有害 不要轻易使用hasattr(),除非你想使用它独有的特性或者只编写Py3代码 TLDR: Don't use hasattr() unless you want its quirks or are writing Python 3-only code. Shared by @mgrouchy

  • 用Selenium来买车票 非常酷的文章!作者在项目中展示了他是如何使用机器人(使用selenum)来代替网站交易买车票的 Very cool article! In this project the author demonstrates how he built a bot (using selenium) to buy his bus pass for him rather than deal with a terrible website. Shared by @mgrouchy

  • Lynn Root谈Django和RAMLfications Lynn Root的采访,值得看 Great interview with Lynn Root here, worth the watch! Shared by @mgrouchy

  • 使用Amazon Web Services Lambda 和 API Gateway构建Python微服务 Shared by @chadlung

  • Python编码风格要点 阅读更Pythonic的代码 This is great. This style guide aims to take you beyond pep8 to look at fantastic pythonic code. Shared by @pjmortimer95


  • ispy 终端和进程输出的监控工具 Pretty useful tool for monitoring the output of terminals and processes. Shared by @mgrouchy

  • Lektor Python实现的静态文件内容管理系统 A Static File Content Management System For Python Shared by @mgrouchy

  • python-elevator-challenge 你是否能编写一个电梯程序? Do you think you could program an elevator? Shared by @mgrouchy

  • PyExPool 轻量级的多进程执行池调度作业执行,随意组合成任务和指定执行参数. Lightweight Multi-Process Execution Pool to schedule Jobs execution with per-job timeout, optionally grouping them into Tasks and specifying execution paremeters. Shared by @mgrouchy

  • exxo 构建便携式Python二进制文件的工具 A tool to build portable Python binaries. Shared by @mgrouchy

  • paperless 扫描,索引,归档你所有的文件 Scan, index, and archive all of your paper bills with this tool. Shared by @mgrouchy




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