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Gondor 1.1 is out the door, up until now Gondor has been a Django hosting solution but with 1.1 it now supports any WSGI application. If you are in the market for a hosted Python solution you should take a look at these guys.

Packaging is hard, and for this among other reasons, it looks like updated Python packaging won't be making it into Python 3.3. You can check out the mailing list thread by clicking the link for all the details.

The PyPy crowd has released the initial version of CFFI. Its purpose is to provide a convenient and reliable way of calling C code from Python. The project goals seem smart and ambitious, if this is something that interests you, check out the project or contribute! The code is here.


Why do people laugh when I tell them I am a Python programmer?


This is really awesome. If you manage any Redis servers this looks like it could be a must have. RedisLive is a beautiful monitoring tool for your Redis instances built on top of Tornado and Backbone.js

  • Teena (github.com) From the readme "Teena aims to be a collection of ports of UNIX and Linux syscalls to pure Python, with an emphasis on performance and correctness.". Teena allows you to call systems calls directly from your python code. Currently implemented are tee and splice calls with more to come soon.

  • pyburrow (mobilewebup.com)

pyburrow is a Python 3 library for crawling websites: capturing, archiving and processing their resources. The special thing about pyburrow is its low level nature by storing response body as unencoded bytes as well as response codes. Check it out.

This cool little site tracks the most popular Flask modules based on pypi downloads and user ratings. Definitely worth a look for you flaskers out there.

  • Dom (github.com)

This is pretty incredible. easy command line application for checking domain availability. I know I do this couple times of month. Nice work Zach..


  • What the heck is an xrange? (late.am) Everything you ever wanted to know about xrange. This article goes through implementing your own xrange in python. Mainly a learning exercise but brings up a few interesting points.

  • Never fix a bug twice (lukeplant.me.uk)

This article is an interesting one. It advocates keeping an eye out for themes of issues and eliminate the possibility of the issue rather than testing for the latest symptom.

A lot of people doing computer vision research end up spending a lot of time in MATLAB . Now there is nothing wrong with MATLAB , but the contents of this tutorial provides a way to directly map common MATLAB syntax to Python to produce useful results. If you are interested in computer vision and are looking to use a bit more Python in your day to day, check this out!

This article is a pretty great intro to debugging techniques for Python. If you are a new Python developer or are looking for a quick refresh of how to use pdb or Python logging to debug your code, this is the article for you.

Somewhat related to the news that new packaging won't make it into Python 3.3, Armin Ronacher talks about the history and current state of python packaging. There are plenty of good points here, definitely worth reading.

Advanced SQLAlchemy & Performance Concerns (tracelytics.com)


  • 1312?? Zoom.Quiet 用时 27 分钟 完成快译.
  • 131221 Zoom.Quiet 用时 7 分钟 完成格式转抄.



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