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原文: Pycoder's Weekly (Issue #18) : Complex is better then complicated.


  • PyCon Philippines (pycon.org) Set to occur on June 30 and July 1, is the first Python programming conference held in the Philippines. Speakers include Django core developer Malcolm Tredinnick, Audrey Roy, Daniel Greenfeld, and Bryan Veloso.. Early bird tickets are available until June 15th. Sponsorship opportunities also remain available.

  • Django Dash 20112 (twitter.com) It's that time again folks. Your moment of glory. The time to show what you are made of in an all out coding battle for 48hrs. Set to happen Aug. 17-19, 2012.

  • A Django Podcast - Class Vs. Function based views (3rdaverad.io) The last couple of weeks in the newsletter and around the internet class-based views in Django have been a popular and divisive topic. In the latest episode of "A Django Podcast" the hosts have an in depth discussion on class vs. function based views.

  • DjangoCon Europe 2012 Videos (kelwel.com) So you missed getting your tickets to DjangoCon Europe? Too busy to watch the live streams? Don't worry DjangoCon Europe have uploaded all the videos in record time. Much to be learned there.


  • Python shortfalls (reddit.com) Apparently people have lots of opinions when it comes to Python's shortcomings. Check it out!


  • It's Dangerous (python.org) Its Dangerous is really cool. It allows you to send cryptographically signed data in untrusted environments. Does this sound like something you need to do? If so, check out this project.

  • PyDiabloMeter (github.com) Lets be honest, you are probably playing Diablo III instead of coding some Python right now. If you are, you should try out PyDiabloMeter. PyDiabloMeter Counts mouse clicks and four keyboard keys (action keys) in your Diablo III window.

  • Mockstar (readthedocs.org) Mockstar is a bunch of small enhances on top of Mock library that can give you a lot of mocking and unit-testing goods. It's still in development but I would keep a serious eye out.


  • Schema-less in Django with Postgres Great article on Postgres's hstore which allows you to use the RDMS for schemaless data storage. Two birds, one stone.

  • Exploring Python using GDB (stripe.com) Python, awesome. GDB, awesome. Python and GDB together, really awesome! This is a fantastic article that demonstrates how to debug and modify Python code for testing purposes using GDB. The author puts together a example scenario of how to go about debugging a problem with a Django application with GDB and details the process step by step.

  • Under the hood of Python class definitions (thegreenplace.net)

Much kudos to Eli Bendersky, if he writes a blog post it almost automatically ends up on here because of its quality. In his latest article, Eli gives a "fast-paced" but thorough walkthrough of the internals of defining new classes. Check it out.

Take a look at these notes on else clauses on Loop statements. If you aren't already aware, it demonstrates how they work, caveats when using them, and common uses of them.

Linters are very important for keeping the quality of your code high and catching bugs. If you don't use Pylint or something similar then you should likely take a look at this post.

new() in python (agiliq.com)

This is a great article about the new method in Python Classes. The author provides a ton of detail about the use of new and its behaviour. If new was something you always wanted to know about there is lots of great information here.

This article is particularly interesting when it comes to just cool little hacks for making Django development that much more pleasurable. Full of gems.

If you use Celery to perform background tasks using Django Models then you want to check this post out. The author examines Celery's behavior when pickling and offers some great solutions to common problems like dealing with large serialization sizes and lazy-loading objects when they are deserialized. Awesome.


  • 1312?? Zoom.Quiet 用时 27 分钟 完成快译.
  • 131221 Zoom.Quiet 用时 7 分钟 完成格式转抄.


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