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原文: Pycoder's Weekly (Issue #12) : Beautiful is Better than Ugly


  • Inbox (github.com) Another little gem from Kenneth , which basically in 60 lines gives you the power to create SMTP server that can handle over 1000 emails per second.

  • Django Moving to Github(holovaty.com) We have been waiting for this day and it has arrived, Django has moved to Github. Trac is still in use and will be continue to be the bug reporting system, but now you can independently use Github for submitting pull requests and reviewing code.

  • BigML announces Python bindings for its REST API(bigml.com) BigML dubs itself as machine learning for everyone. If you are already are a BigML user(it's currently invite only), or just interested in what BigML can do for you, this might be worth taking a look at.


  • Lambda Use Cases (reddit.com) Lambdas in python are a function building tool, often times a developer is at a loss for when you should use them. This discussion focuses on when it's appropriate to use lambdas and what the common use cases are for them in your Python code.


  • Google Drive CLI (tomdignan.com) Cool little project that lets you manage your new Google Drive account through the CLI.

  • Ghost.py (jeanphix.me) This project is really great. Ghost.py is a webkit client written in Python. If you need to fetch any data from a web site or manipulate a site from the command line, Ghost.py is a pretty simple way to accomplish most tasks like opening a page, executing javascript, filling out and submitting forms, etc.

  • Arduino SMS Alarm (github.com) If you are into hacking around with hardware or arduino's you will probably like this. arduino-sms-alarm is an Arduino based burglar alarm that sends an SMS when motion is detected. It then repeats the SMS after a configurable amount of time.

  • Dinero (github.com) This is awesome, Dinero is a gateway-agnostic payment processing for Python. If you have ever hacked on any code for payment gateways you probably know writing this code is generally a nightmare. Anyone who is willing do you do this for you deserves massive kudos. Cheers to the guys at Fusionbox !


  • Faster Virtualenv Wrapper (arongriffis.com) Virtualenvwrapper is awesome but according to this article it's one second too slow. Article outlines a way to make the loading of our beloved virtualenvwrapper.sh when needed as supposed to every terminal launch.

  • Python Deployment With Native Packages (hynek.me) We previously featured the authors post Python Deployment Anti-Patterns in a previous issue. He has now written a follow up of the things you should be doing when deploying Python applications. This article is pretty great because it's quite the contrast to the standard fabric deployment with Git Pull+Pip to install your packages. If this is the kind of thing that interests you, you should check it out.

  • Machine Learning for Hackers (wordpress.com) Interested in Machine Learning? So is the author of this post. He is reading the book, Machine Learning For Hackers and has decided to write a series of blog posts on the chapters with both an explanation of what the chapters are and porting the code within from R to Python. Pretty cool idea and we are definitely interested to see further posts in this series.

  • Where modules go to die. (leancrew.com) This is an interesting article, the basic premise is that the Python standard library is where modules go to die. We don't want to get too much into the discussion in the article, but it certainly raises some interesting points, give it a read and let us know what you think on twitter.

  • Using Travis-CI With Python and Django David Cramer at disqus has written a very good but short tutorial about getting your Python/Django project up and running with Travis-CI the "hosted continuous integration service for the open source community." Check it out.


  • 131105 Zoom.Quiet 用时 42 分钟 完成快译.
  • 131105 Zoom.Quiet 用时 4.2 分钟 完成原文 md 格式化.



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