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Motorway is a real-time data pipeline, much like Apache Storm - but made in Python :-) We use it over at Plecto and we're really happy with it - but we're continously developing it. The reason why we started this project was that we wanted something similar to Storm, but without Zookeeper and the need to take the pipeline down to update the topology.



类似 Apache Storm/Amazon SQS/Kinesis 的有界面数据流构建平台 )

This tutorial tries to teach event driven programming by making use of streaming API offered by twitter.

In this guide we 'll cover generators in depth . We 'll talk about how and why to use them , the difference between generator functions and regular functions , the yield keyword , and provide plenty of examples.This guide assumes you have a basic knowledge of Python ( especially regular functions).Throughout this guide we are going to work towards solving a problem .


又一篇极简说明好文. )

Python 3.6.0b1 is the first of four planned beta releases of Python 3.6, the next major release of Python, and marks the end of the feature development phase for 3.6. There are quite many new features have a look.


对于 打死不用 Py3 党 成员而言, 历史模块库的不兼容, 是一个怎么也绕不过去的门槛. )

The Django team is pleased to announce that the Channels project is now officially part of the Django project, under our new Official Projects program. Channels is the effort to bring WebSockets, long-poll HTTP, and other non-request-response protocol and business logic handling to Django, as part of our ongoing effort to establish what makes a useful web framework in 2016.

Django makes unit & functional testing easy (especially with WebTest). Tests on routing, permissions, database updates and emails are all straightforward to implement but how do you test dates & time? You might for example want to test regular email notifications.

The idea behind Channels is quite simple. To understand the concept, let’s first walk through an example scenario, let’s see how Channels would process a request.

Open source has proven its value in many ways over the years. In many companies that value is purely in terms of consuming available projects and platforms. In this episode Zalando describes their recent move to creating and releasing a number of their internal projects as open source and how that has benefited their business. We also discussed how they are leveraging Python and a couple of the libraries that they have published.


Zalando 是又一个 Python 重度依赖公司,分享他们的折腾历史. )

To win your copy of this book, all you need to do is come up with a comment below highlighting the reason “why you would like to win this book”. Try your luck guys :)

Only people with masters degrees or Ph.D’s work with machine learning professionally isn't true. The truth is you don’t need much maths to get started with machine learning, and you don’t need a degree to use it professionally. Here is Per Harald Borgen journey. Yes he is using Python.


传说机器学习得至少硕士以上学历的人才玩的了, 作者证明了,这不是真的...嗯哼. )

I recently had to write nearly the same code in Go and Python on the same day, and I realized I had written it many times before in different languages. But it does point up some interesting language differences. This article explores many different ways to write the same code


简单的说, 算法优化到最后, Python 一行搞店, 其它语言, 嗯哼... )


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Bare bottom 简单实例, 基于 TensorFlow 的机器学习

TensorFlow 图像分类实例 by @Sirajology on Youtube

从 github 更加简单的导入 Python 模块


向 npm/brew 致敬, 只是, packyou 只能先从 pip 中安装; 而且文档不可用, 只能先等待了, 进一步的 老爹 ,可能不同意. )

基于实时代码重写的, 更好的 Python lambda 形式语法


a = (x) > x 替代 a = lambda x: x

总之那谁曰过, Lisp 之后所有语言,都是对 Lisp 的不完全模仿, i greeeeeee... )

Twitter Toolbox for Python.

:mailbox_with_mail: Command-line email client

可从 Kobo SQLite 文件中导出注释和高亮行


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Github 年度报吿, 值得关注的是: rdpeng (Roger D. Peng) 这位华人,个人仓库有两个在 top10 名单中! 你猜为毛!?

使用 Python 开发的基于 NLP 技术, 自动化提取论文仓库核心内容搜索服务,以便大家快速定位对自己有用的论文!

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