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Reported that searching for terms like "python lambda syntax" and "mutex lock" brings up an invite to compete some challenge questions.

It all started with a bet long time ago. One of my friends couldn't believe that it is actually possible nowadays to travel around the world with low-cost airlines.I think I won. With some python help and many hours of coding I was able to find all the necessary tickets and stay below the price criterion.

Python: A little misunderstanding can create the ultimate "do not disturb" sign.

I am going to walk through a real world example of how to use pandas to automate a process that could be very difficult to do in Excel. My business problem is that I have two Excel files that are structured similarly but have different data and I would like to easily understand what has changed between the two files. Basically, I want an Excel diff tool.

Every year approximately 20% of airline flights are delayed or cancelled, resulting in significant costs to both travellers and airlines. As our example use-case, we will build a supervised learning model that predicts airline delay from historial flight data and weather information.

This tutorial you will build a simplified Google+ clone called "Not Google Plus" with Django and AngularJS.

"In this post I'll share some tools I use to ease and speed-up my workflow, either in the Python code or in the development environment."

The support vector machine (SVM) is a classification method that attempts to find a hyperplane that separates classes of observations in feature space. In contrast to some other classifications methods we have seen (e.g. Bayesian), the SVM does not invoke a probability model for classification; instead, we aim for the direct caclulation of a separating hyperplane.


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  • PyGeoIpMap

    • 55 Stars, 6 Watch, 8 Fork Python script to show where IP addresses are coming from by plotting them on a World map.
  • ideaworks

    • 55 Stars, 12 Watch, 6 Fork Ideaworks is a free and open source web application that allows a group of people to collate, comment on and rate ideas. The application also allows staff users to create projects, small packages of work that have developed from the ideas.
  • news-media-topics

    • 1 Stars, 2 Watch. Finding current topics in news media via networks of words.
  • sqlite-browser

    • 40 Stars, 4 Watch, 3 Fork Web-based SQLite database browser written in Python.
  • log calls

    • 39 Stars, 3 Watch, 2 Fork Debugging and profiling decorator that prints or logs caller name(s), args+values, execution time, and more. Eliminates reams of boilerplate code.
  • cyordereddict

    • 35 Stars, 2 Watch, 3 Fork Cython implementation of OrderedDict.
  • hackit

    • 13 Stars, 4 Watch. A Reddit interface for Facebook.
  • bello text miner

    • 4 Stars, 1 Watch, 1 Fork. Bello is a lightweight text mining library for Python 3. It allows a text mining enthusiast like you to get up and running with analysing the corpus of your choice. Text mining is fun and we want beginners to not be put away by the high learning curve.
  • django-supasurvey

    • 1 Stars, 2 Watch. This is a survey tool. We use it for survey applications.
  • httptestserver

    • 2 Stars, 4 Watch. HTTP(s) python integrated server for testing.


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Python 2.7 will now ship with Pip pre-installed, like Python 3! - Kenneth Reitz.


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is a author of pycparser - Complete C99 parser in pure Python along with pss is a power-tool for searching inside source code files. His blogpost on Python are worth reading -



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