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This Blog is meant for the learners who wish to get an understanding of the framework "Django" and familiarize with web development concepts . Good entry level tutorial for Django.


从理解 Django 框架开始的最好的入门教程... )

Join Amit Saha, author of Doing Math with Python, in this hands-on webcast, and learn how to use Python to solve calculus problems, make sense of numbers with graphs and statistics, do symbolic math with SymPy, and perform basic machine-learning tasks.


Doing Math with Python 是新书, <<<<<<< HEAD 介绍了一系列数学相关的库,最后也引向了机器学习的命题. ======= 介绍了一系列数学相关的库,最后也引向了机械学习的命题.

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Sometimes when you authenticate with a social service you need to do custom "stuff" in your code base beyond creating a user object. Learn how to get started simply adding a custom function do the python-social-auth pipeline.


如何在现有代码之外,立即引入 SNS 认证? 当然,基于 Django 的... )

The other day, I decided I wanted to create a decorator to catch exceptions and log them. I found a rather complex example on Github that I used for some ideas on how to approach this task and came up with the following.


又一个源自真实生产实践的折腾成果. )

PyBay is an intimate version of the highly successful PyCon conference. It's a weekend gathering for the Bay Area's Python community to learn, share, and hack together while having fun and taking care of our minds and bodies.


PyCon 形式也开始衍生了! 迷你蠎会, 比大会要轻松自在的技术交流形式, 这个可以有... )

Python 3.5.2rc1 and Python 3.4.5rc1 are now available for download.

Python's built-in URL library ("urllib2" in 2.x and "urllib" in 3.x) is vulnerable to protocol stream injection attacks (a.k.a. "smuggling" attacks) via the http scheme. If an attacker could convince a Python application using this library to fetch an arbitrary URL, or fetch a resource from a malicious web server, then these injections could allow for a great deal of access to certain internal services.


头部注射攻击的分析,白帽蠎客 的必备知识点. )

Kelsey Gilmore-Innis is the CTO of Sexual Health Innovations, and a transplanted San Franciscan living in Portland. Somehow, despite growing up in San Francisco during the thick of the first tech boom and bust, I never was exposed to code until adulthood. I took a programming for non-majors course a few years into college on a bit of a whim and, besides enjoying the subject matter, saw a path to a career. It took a little more time, but I ended up graduating with a CS degree.

PyCon, beyond being the best community event for Python developers, is also an event that we happily began thinking about eleven months ago. Almost as soon as PyCon 2015 ended, we had the good fortune of planning the look and feel of PyCon 2016 with organizer extraordinaires Ewa Jodlowska, Diana Clark, and new this year, Brandon Rhodes. Our team has loved working with the organizers on the PyCon websites for the past three years now. They’re great people who always prioritize the needs of PyCon attendees, whether that’s babysitting services or a smooth PyCon web experience.


PyCon 每年的准备期越来越长,对组织者的要求也越来越高. 这是组织对 PyCon16US 的组织者复盘...反正各种秀恩爱了... )

PyCon JP is a conference where Python users, or people interested in Python, gather to learn from each other and meet other members of the community. We will hold PyCon Japan on September 20-24 this year in Tokyo and are looking for talk proposals.

In honor of the 2016-2017 board of director's first board meeting today, I wanted to share the PSF's growing success with the public!


PSF 的年度报告,年中?! )


~ Upcoming Conference / User Group Meet


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极简的请求包装器, 可并行,并能限定在任意速率.

基于 TensorFlow 实现的深度学习

美化你的 Git Logs !



简直让小屏程序猿无法活哪... )

通过 CLI 进行票务操作

在 Blender 中运行的脚本,能生成 3D 宇宙飞船

Flickr 自动上传.


命令行工具,用来获得一个或是更多 github 仓库的贡献者.


因为 github 的开放分支机制, 导致一个项目的贡献分散在各个仓库中... DVCS 的连带伤害... )

给任何仓库生成 N 个星标


github 刷榜器!? )

DAMA 无责任推荐

必须首先复习: Guido van Rossum - Python Language - PyCon 2016 明确 Py2 何时正式放弃...

自动生成 yaml 配置文档, 来人性化解决 docker 镜像生成时的 tag 以及编译顺序依赖等问题 一个刚刚发布的实用工具.国货,但文档是 E文的,为这儿先点个赞!



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