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Py 3 并没有增补更多加密相关的库, 本文专注第三方库: PyCrypto 和 cryptography, 展示如何进行加密以及对应的解密.

Bots can be a super useful bridge between Slack channels and external applications. Let’s code a simple Slack bot as a Python application that combines the Slack API with the Twilio SMS API so a user can send and receive Slack messages via SMS.

全新得趣的库 deco, 专门进行并发运行的修饰, 作者是 Alex Sherman 和 Peter Den Hartog, 都在 Wisconsin Madison 大学.

介绍 PyPI 的真相.

The Python Package Index, or as most call it “PyPI” is a central part of the ecosystem of Python. It serves as a central registry of names, helping to prevent collision between different projects as well as the default repository that most Python users go to when looking for software.For most, what powers this service is largely opaque to them — it’s (usually) there when they need it and who or what powers it is largely a mystery to them, but what and who really powers PyPI?

Docker is a wonderful technology revolutionazing how to run microservices. You may have some experience with it or may not. I will show in this short post how to run a Docker container in Amazon Web Services(EC2) with your whole API in it. This trick is only useful for APIs or django projects that doesn't need to scale and doesn't really have too much traffic.

PythonAnywhere is a Python development and hosting environment that displays in your web browser and runs on our servers. They're already set up with everything you need. It's easy to use, fast, and powerful. There's even a useful free plan. In this interview Kaustubh talks about his experience of using PythonAnywhere.

快速构建的 py3 脚本, 处理来者 RSS 的 PDF 列表,监察 facebook 有关突发新闻.

Michael Armbrust and Tathagata Das explain updates to Spark version 2.0, demonstrating how stream processing is now more accessible with Spark SQL and DataFrame APIs. Video. Code snippets in Python.

Simple code snippets, stuff we need in everyday coding. Worth a quick glance.

(嗯哼,为了 RAM 平台,我们不能使用 CPython) micropython is a project that wants to bring python to the world of microprocessors. Micropython is a lean and fast implementation of python 3 for microprocessors. It was funded in 2013 on kickstarter. Originally it only ran on a special “pyboard”, but it has now been ported to various other microprocessors. Why use micropython? Easy to learn, with powerful features. Native bitwise operations. Ideal for rapid prototyping. (You cannot use cpython, mainly due to RAM usage.)

Anyone looking to speed up critical regions of their script should have a look.

Pretty cool decorator. Check out the gif screen-cast.


将CLI 的输出,折腾为 gif 动画片; 嗯哼,不够科学... )

pypy is “the faster version of python”. There are actually quite a lot of python implementation. cpython is the main one. There are also JIT compilers. Pypy is one of them. It is by far the most mature. PyPy is a python implementation, compliant with 2.7.10 and 3.2.5. And it is fast!.

Djangofriendly is a community resource for finding the friendliest Django hosting environments.

Describe the initialization of your application and let asterix manage the startup for you. It will ensure that the correct dependencies are started in order, so you don't need any dirty hacks to have your initialization flow. Also, it allows you to build separate stacks for test/dev/production and even for web/batch applications, loading just what you need.


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Over 80 object-oriented recipes to help you create mind-blowing GUIs in Python.


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Flask 开发的 facebook 消息平台

atd 的Python 包装,自动化删除 文件/目录

实时转录你的 Slack 消息

Python charting for 80% of humans.

以简洁的 DSL 来生成 xcconfig 文件

ironSource.atom SDK for Python

AWESOME GitHub Contributions viewer!

2016 bop senifinal python code

收集 Ansible 的 RESTful 框架

基于 Selenium 的图片下载脚本

Token bucket implementation for rate limiting (python recipe)

DAMA 无责任推荐

Jupyter ~ 神器之上的神器

retrying ~ 重试小仙器

aiohttp ~ 兼容 Py3 的更加简洁的 HTTP S/C

plumbum ~ 跨平台的 AppleScript

phonenumbers ~ 将 google libphonenumbers 人性化包装的电话检验库

networkx ~ graphviz 之后,更加好用的可视化库

influxdb ~ 时间序数据存储好物

elasticsearch-dsl ~ 嗯哼, Pythonic 操作小语言

keras ~ Theano 上的深度学习界面

gensim ~ NLP 必用品

以及: 20 Python libraries you can’t live without | Python Tips






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