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101 python pandas exercises are designed to challenge your logical muscle and to help internalize data manipulation with python’s favorite package for data analysis. The questions are of 3 levels of difficulties with L1 being the easiest to L3 being the hardest.

Over the past three years, LWN and its readers have gotten a yearly treat in the form of coverage of the Python Language Summit; this year is no exception. The summit is a yearly gathering of around 40 or 50 developers from CPython, other Python implementations, and related projects. It is held on the first day of PyCon, which is two days before the main PyCon talk tracks begin. This year, the summit was held on May 9 in Cleveland, Ohio. The summit consists of a dozen or so main "talks", which are usually more open-ended and discussion-oriented, rather than simply straight presentations, and a handful of lightning talks, all of which is meant to be crammed into five hours or so. As might be guessed, spillover is inevitable; this year it went three hours beyond its appointed slot. Topics ranged all over the Python landscape: development process issues, performance ideas, deprecations of various sorts, diversity in the development community, static typing, and more.



简单说: 老爹很佛系, 发展很稳, 老鉄很兴奋


TLDR: If you don't want to understand the under-the-hood explanation, here's what you've been waiting for: you can use threading if your program is network bound or multiprocessing if it's CPU bound.


针对 CPU 就得多进



Blockchain has been in the news for quite sometime now Though I think it might be a little early to believe people hyping it as the next internet, it is an excellent tool for asset/ownership management. . There are a number of implementations in different languages(and in Python as well) .However there isn’t a Python BlockChain implementation which simple enough to understand while being fully functional.

The brain is truly one of the final frontiers of human exploration. Understanding how brains work has vast consequences for human health and computation. Imagine how computers might change if we actually understood how thinking and even consciousness worked. On this episode, you'll meet Justin Kiggins and Corinne Teeter who are research scientists using Python for their daily work at the Allen Institute for Brain Science. They are joined by Nicholas Cain who is a software developer supporting scientists there using Python as well.

In this post, I am going to discuss Elasticsearch and how you can integrate with different Python apps.

Temporal-Difference Learning (or TD Learning) is quite important and novel thing around. It’s the first time where you can really see some patterns emerging and everything is building upon a previous knowledge. Hop in for some theory and Python code.


DP + MC = TD

只能说, 又一轮全新缩写袭来


Learn about Python sets: what they are, how to create them, when to use them, built-in functions, and their relationship to set theory operations.

How to automatically create machine learning features


调参和多模式融合才需要人工, 传统的特征提取,真心是体力活儿而已



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Open source platform for the complete machine learning lifecycle



生命周期?简单的说, 就是 ML 项目专业管理...


Reference implementations of popular deep learning models.

Utilities for working with image data, text data, and sequence data.


Keras 也开始爆点了...


Hello! I have made a Python project where YURI from the game doki doki literature club accesses the webcam and stares directly into the players soul. Hope you enjoy!





Object tracking by colour and drawing its path.



印度程序猿小哥哥们, 最近有很多 CV 作品发布呢...


Workflow that shows how to train neural networks on EC2 instances with GPU support and compares training times to CPUs

Literally the worst way to make Netflix continue when it asks you whether you're still watching: Make noise to click the mouse




A simple customizable cross-platform notepad



Qt 实现的嗯哼, 在 linux 平台上完成主要开发...; 为了调色...简直了...


Play your favorite radio station from the terminal


叕一实用 CLI 工具; 基于 vlc 的流媒体功能...


( ̄▽ ̄)

30 Amazing Python Projects for the Past Year (v.2018) 其中有几个国货,也都超过 1000+星了...

<- Qix-/better-exceptions: Pretty and useful exceptions in Python, automatically. 效果惊艳...




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