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Last year we discovered an extensive dataset on the subject of traffic on German roads provided by the BASt. It holds detailed numbers of cars, trucks and other vehicle groups passing more than 1,500 automatic counting stations. The amazing thing about this dataset is that the records for each counting station are provided on an hourly basis and they reach back to the year 2003. As an attempt to get to know the structure and to find a good way for dealing with the massive size of the dataset, we set up some Jupyter (formerly IPython) Notebooks.


叕一篇 ipynb 的软文, 问题在, 依然没有解决从探索到作品的转化时机和技巧问题.


I’m working on a project called BadgeYay. It is a badge generator with a simple web UI to add data and generate printable badges in PDF. BadgeYay's back-end is now shifted to REST-APIs and to test functions used in REST-APIs, we need some testing technology that will test each and every function used in the API. For our purposes, we chose the popular unit tests Python test suite. In this blog post, I’ll be discussing how I have written unit tests to test BadgeYay's REST-API.

I want to write and deploy the simplest function possible on AWS Lambda, written in Python, using Terraform.


是的, OSX 中实现的...


You already know the longer it takes to detect a problem, the more expensive it is to resolve. Your testing needs to happen earlier in the development pipeline while taking into account all aspects of privacy, security and monitoring. Read the 4-part eBook to learn how to detect problems earlier in your DevOps testing processes by:...

In this video we'll cover how to create a bot for Discord. This bot will be able to join a server and show up in the user list. It will be able to interact in chat rooms and private messages and respond to custom commands.

Learn how to use Redis and Python to build location-aware applications.


很久没有听到 SOLOMO/LBS 的实例了...


This Monday, February the 12th, we launched a public beta of Datalore - an intelligent web application for data analysis and visualization in Python, brought to you by JetBrains. This tool turns the data science workflow into a delightful experience with the help of smart coding assistance, incremental computations, and built-in tools for machine learning.

In this article, we will see how KNN can be implemented with Python's Scikit-Learn library. But before that let's first explore the theory behind KNN and see what are some of the pros and cons of the algorithm.

This is the eleventh installment of the Flask Mega-Tutorial series, in which I'm going to tell you how to replace the basic HTML templates with a new set that is based on the Bootstrap user interface framework.

So have you ever needed a reliable External scheduler for your distributed systems? Apache Airflow (by Airbnb) has a good stable scheduler. So how can we use Airflow for this purpose, here’s how we did.


可能是俺错觉, 凡是发布在 medium 中的技术文章都比较科普... 没有作者在自己 blog 上的文章来的有用...



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A native Linux Chromecast GUI that supports transcoding and subtitles.




Linux 中各种 GUI 用Python 实现是常见事物, Chromecast 的还是头一次, bottle 作内置 API 服务器, Gtk 3.0 作界面.


PyTorch implementation of "Efficient Neural Architecture Search via Parameters Sharing"


用核心任务的单词首字母拼成项目名称... 好吧, 美军领导的潮流... )

Python wrapper of win32 for creating Windows notifications.


细思恐极, 这么多年了, 终于见到一个 win32 平台的工具, 这说明 win10 终于被大家忍到习惯了?

notification_center )

The reusable Django application for Telegram authorization (also known as Telegram login).

Django REST framework/React quickstart.


Django 撞热点的能力/冲动, 天下无双...


A Django middleware implementing the Referrer-Policy header.

A deep neural network for finding text-independent speaker embedding written in tensorflow and tensorpack.


叕一个文字->语音的嗯哼, 问题是现在几乎没有自己撸基础代码的了, 都在用云上的 AI 框架来...


Mixins for Django Rest Framework Serializer.

Generate puns from English phrases.


双关语? 英语的应该没那么多... 中文的可就是另外一种深度的事儿了...


Add Disqus to your Jupyter notebook.



神器, 必装插件之一... 当然, 中国用不了...

可是, 作者是华人...这就尴尬了

profile_picture 当然, Furman University 在校小生.


( ̄▽ ̄)

国人作品, 解决 https 部署时的证书生成问题

猛然发现, Leo 生态已经走到这种程度了...


30 Amazing Python Projects for the Past Year (v.2018) 其中有几个国货,也都超过 1000+星了...

<- Qix-/better-exceptions: Pretty and useful exceptions in Python, automatically. 效果惊艳...




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