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With Python Tricks: The Book you'll discover Python's best practices with simple, yet practical examples. You'll get one step closer to mastering Python, so you can write beautiful and idiomatic code that comes to you naturally.

This blog post introduces the Vectorized UDFs feature in the upcoming Apache Spark 2.3 release that substantially improves the performance and usability of user-defined functions (UDFs) in Python.

Yes, I heared you. pip is a great tool and has been around for quite a long time. But for 3 years or so, people (contributors) have been looking for a way to enhance our packages management experience. Think about the superpowers of composer, npm (or better, yarn) in your favorite tool. What they offer is (more or less) a replacement for the age-old requirements.txt file : the Pipfile.


是的, pip 的潜力远没有挖尽, 毕竟软件生命周期中部署和升级比开发要长的多...


Last week there was a great sorting algorithm post by morolin, where they showed an animation of quite a few different sorting algorithms. Morolin built their visualization in Golang. Today, we’ll try implementing our own version, using Python 3. We’ll end up with the following visualizations.


bubble_s heap_s quick_s



A word cloud is a pretty traditional, and maybe already old fashioned way to depict the content of a text or a corpus (a set of texts). Nevertheless it is still a good way to convey the general idea of the text. This form of communication can be further improved by generating a word cloud image which resembles the general idea of the text. This article intends to demonstrate how to generate such a word cloud.

One of the biggest/best updates so far on tensorflow is the Distributed Tensorflow functionality. It allows you to scale your training to multiple machines. The tutorial here ?— is great for folks who are very familiar with in’s and out’s of how tensorflow works. But it doesn’t really explain a lot of the terminology. This post is my journey of struggle with it.

Please don’t filter huge amounts of data in Python when trying to make a dashboard. But instead use a database, because in the end that is what it’s made for.


DBA 是 Py 的一个常设领域,只是没有JS 嗯哼的快..


We have practiced Regression problem last time, which is a category of Supervised learning.

We are exited to announce a new release of the Data Retriever, our software for making it quick and easy to get clean, ready to analyze, data.

I often hear people who are happy because PyPy makes their code 2 times faster or so. Here is a short personal story which shows PyPy can go well beyond that.


从快5倍开始优化的, 现在80倍了, 基本追上 golang 的基本线了? )

For my team at Spring, one of the benefits of moving from Go to Python was being able to use a mature, field-tested ORM library such as SQLAlchemy. When the system you’re putting together grows over fifty tables, you learn to appreciate this powerful tool.


SQLAlchemy 终于多年的媳妇熬成婆了


We’re open-sourcing a high-performance Python library for robotic simulation using the MuJoCo engine, developed over our past year of robotics research.


机械人工厂也是 py 进入的领域了



等等, 这种操作合法嘛? )

asyncpg is a new fully-featured open-source Python client library for PostgreSQL. It is built specifically for asyncio and Python 3.5 async / await. asyncpg is the fastest driver among common Python, NodeJS and Go implementations.


只能说 Pg 太屌了...


This post explains generally how my Python 3 tweet searching script works. Twitter limits the maximum age of searchable tweets to roughly a week. As such, the script can search for tweets posted up to just over a week ago. Twitter also limits the maximum number of tweets downloaded in every 15 minute interval.


嗯哼?好象有开放接口可以直接获得的? )


~ 包/模块/库/片段...

Curio + Requests: Async HTTP for Humans


叕一个 HTTP 工具,面向 Py3 的...

from curio import run
from curequests import get, post

async def main():
    r = await get('')
    r = await post('', json={'hello': 'world'})


好吧, 简单的说还是太简单...


Programs from my upcoming book, introduction to data structures and algorithms in Python.




A django admin site for scrapy.

Compare html similarity using structural and style metrics


直接给出两段 HTML 文本间的相似度 )

Compiles a function or class with Cython. Use annotations for static type declarations.


很少见到 Cython 相关的嗯哼 )

( ̄▽ ̄)

只需要给出散点数据, 自动生成漂亮的热力图

关键响应非常敏捷, 10.1 长徦期间嗯哼了一下, 立即追加了两个功能: pyheatmap/ at 31d80c89529e194e743e3125d56a189712186c55 · oldj/pyheatmap

神奇的是作者同时果断也是位 SiFi 作家: 地球上的背包客 - Backpackers_on_Earth.pdf

屌炸天的 Jupyter 能力扩展思路...




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