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Interpreted language will never match the performance of compiled languages . Ever since I moved on to python from C/C++ , I always wanted to combine best of both worlds by extending python in C .


这事儿地球人都知道, M$ 还嫌 C 性能差在 C++ 代码中嵌汇编呢...

问题是, 首先功能稳定后, 还得找到性能瓶颈再针对性替代, 光这个工程就不简单了...


I’ve been using Excel for data cleaning until I discovered how powerful pandas are for data analysis and data cleaning. In this article I want to go over basics of how to use pandas for cleaning data in excel files.

(是也乎: 数据源是 excel 文件...细思恐极了..


Fisher’s Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) is a dimension reduction technique that can be used for classification as well. In this blog post, we will learn more about Fisher’s LDA and implement it from scratch in Python.

This post is a deep-dive into programmatically trading on the Ethereum / Bancor exchange and exploiting a game-theoretic security flaw in Bancor, a high-profile smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

In Python, a class can inherit features and attributes from multiple classes and thus, implements multiple inheritance. MRO or Method Resolution Order is the hierarchy in which base classes are searched when looking for a method in the parent class.

The simplest way to serve HTTP/2 is to use the Quart framework, furthermore Quart is the only Python framework to support server-push.

Imagine that you are developing a machine learning model to classify articles. You have managed to get an unreasonably large text file which contains millions of identifiers of similar articles that belong to the same class. You are unsure whether identifiers that are close to each other are independent.

Medium has a large amount of content, a large number of users, and an almost overwhelming number of posts. When you try to find interesting users to interact with, you’re flooded with visual noise. I define an interesting user as someone who is from your network, who is active, and who writes responses that are generally appreciated by the Medium community.


可惜, Medium 第一时间和谐掉了...



简单的说 .ai 的好域名已经抢光了..


Explained using Python code snippets.

Watch your Python run like a movie.



象看电影一样观察你的python 代码的运行...

好吧, 对新手很重要...


Clustering is a type of Unsupervised learning. This is very often used when you don’t have labeled data. K-Means Clustering is one of the popular clustering algorithm. The goal of this algorithm is to find groups(clusters) in the given data. In this post we will implement K-Means algorithm using Python from scratch.


叕一则 github 公开数据的嗯哼 )


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A Twitter bot which tweets Magic: the Gathering cards with appropriate GIFs superimposed onto them.



是的, 就是专门用来对 Twitter 发射 gif 动画的工具.


mailproxy is a simple SMTP proxy. It receives emails through an unencrypted, unauthenticated SMTP interface and retransmits them through a remote SMTP server that requires modern features such as encryption and/or authentication. mailproxy is primarily useful for enabling email functionality in legacy software that only supports plain SMTP.


简单的说, 就是个简单的可内置的 SMTP 服务器?


A command line shell for trading stocks using Robinhood


RobinhoodShell )

Library for interaction with Instagram web-interface. If you haven't access to Instagram API, you can use this library


为 Instagram 专门建立的自拍用博物馆都有了, 当然的 CLI 工具也越来越多了... )

Use Django To Introduce CSRF and Cookies , Session

Python application versioning tool



所以, 应用的版本查询器...


Python script for converting .csv data to LaTeX tables.




This is a python script intended to improve on the default Python interactive shell experience.


参考演示视频: asciicast:134711 - asciinema

基本上就是将 python 的默认交互提升到了普通的 shell 水平.. 只是, 有了 ipynb 为毛要用普通的 REPL ?


( ̄▽ ̄)

只需要给出散点数据, 自动生成漂亮的热力图

关键响应非常敏捷, 10.1 长徦期间嗯哼了一下, 立即追加了两个功能: pyheatmap/ at 31d80c89529e194e743e3125d56a189712186c55 · oldj/pyheatmap

神奇的是作者同时果断也是位 SiFi 作家: 地球上的背包客 - Backpackers_on_Earth.pdf






2017年10月22日 8:30  17:00


结果立即在 CPyUG 列表中引发了各种嗯哼, 并有行者组织了议题问卷, 得到稍有不同的期待, 所以, 大会的举行真心得看坚持了. )




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