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In this article, a CRF (Conditional Random Field) will be trained to learn how to segment Latin text. Using only very basic features and easily accessible training data, we are going to achieve a segmentation accuracy of 98 %.

Clustering is a type of Unsupervised learning. This is very often used when you don’t have labeled data. K-Means Clustering is one of the popular clustering algorithm. The goal of this algorithm is to find groups(clusters) in the given data. In this post we will implement K-Means algorithm using Python from scratch.

n this post I’m going to look at a bit of Python code I optimized recently, and then compare the process of making this code faster to the process of how I make Ruby code faster.

Python project structure and packaging can be intimidating, but, if you take it step by step, it doesn’t have to be. Look at other people’s code, particularly smaller, modular projects, break the work up into pieces, and work through it piece by piece, until you’re all the way down the rabbit hole.





This is the first part of a multi-part series discussing the limitation of WSGI-based Python web applications and the ways to overcome these limitations.

In the first part of this series we discussed the problems and limitations which inheres within WSGI-based Python web applications. In this part we will discuss what concurrency is and what is an event driven architecture

Using MPG diagrams to see the differences between Threading, Multiprocessing and Asyncio, the 3 official CPython options, and Go Runtime.


google/grumpy: Grumpy is a Python to Go source code transcompiler and runtime. 的强烈召唤.. )

There are various situations where quants look at different scenarios of an event when making investment decisions. Running simulated scenarios is an invaluable tool for all finance/investment managers as it allows them to measure likely performance for various states.

I wrote a Python script (GitHub) that does a few things. First and foremost, I wanted to know every minute on the minute what my CPU core temps were regardless of whether I’m getting throttled or not so that I had the option to chart this (I haven’t done this, as I think I’ve found the culprit but I wanted to keep my options open). I also wanted to know if my laptop fan was functioning as desired in relation to the CPU temps, so I needed to grab fan RPM.


Lenovo T420s 上运行的 Linux 中的自制监察脚本... tstringer/linux-core-temperature-monitor: Script (meant to run via cron) to monitor, log, and alert when the CPU is throttled due to overheating

可是 Glances 全部嗯哼了哪...


This NetworkX tutorial will show you how to do graph optimization in Python by solving the Chinese Postman Problem in Python.



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implement a fixed-size hash map that associates string keys with arbitrary data object references.

Flask-SocketIO gives Flask applications access to low latency bi-directional communications between the clients and the server. The client-side application can use any of the SocketIO official clients libraries in Javascript, C++, Java and Swift, or any compatible client to establish a permanent connection to the server.

Python 3.6.3 is the third maintenance release of Python 3.6. The Python 3.6 series contains many new features and optimizations. See the What’s New In Python 3.6 document for more information.

Do you know what is the heaviest book ever printed? Let’s find out by exploring the Open Library data set using Spark in Python.


港真, 100G 现在只是小数据了... 关键是 Open Library 数据集的存在, 用来找最重的书? )


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A setuptools/wheel/cffi extension to embed a binary data in wheels.




Read a packet capture, extract HTTP requests and turn them into cURL commands for replay.


叕一个 cURL 加强/转换工具


Dockerized Selenium and Python with support for Chrome and Firefox.


Xfvb 的威力加载 )

Create and maintain dynamic Plex libraries based on recipes.

BigQuery Foreign Data Wrapper for PostgreSQL.

A simple sync tool to sync task from Workflowy to Teambition.


没有开放接口, 这种跨平台的嗯哼是不可想象的...


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Simple ASCII Art Library For Python


叕一个 CLI 的艺术工具..

>>> from art import *
>>> aprint("butterfly")
>>> aprint("happy")
 ۜ\(סּںסּَ` )/ۜ 
>>> art_1=art("coffee")
>>> print(art_1)
>>> tprint("art")

 .----------------.  .----------------.  .----------------.
| .--------------. || .--------------. || .--------------. |
| |      __      | || |  _______     | || |  _________   | |
| |     /  \     | || | |_   __ \    | || | |  _   _  |  | |
| |    / /\ \    | || |   | |__) |   | || | |_/ | | \_|  | |
| |   / ____ \   | || |   |  __ /    | || |     | |      | |
| | _/ /    \ \_ | || |  _| |  \ \_  | || |    _| |_     | |
| ||____|  |____|| || | |____| |___| | || |   |_____|    | |
| |              | || |              | || |              | |
| '--------------' || '--------------' || '--------------' |
 '----------------'  '----------------'  '----------------'


( ̄▽ ̄)

只需要给出散点数据, 自动生成漂亮的热力图

关键响应非常敏捷, 10.1 长徦期间嗯哼了一下, 立即追加了两个功能: pyheatmap/ at 31d80c89529e194e743e3125d56a189712186c55 · oldj/pyheatmap

神奇的是作者同时果断也是位 SiFi 作家: 地球上的背包客 - Backpackers_on_Earth.pdf






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结果立即在 CPyUG 列表中引发了各种嗯哼, 并有行者组织了议题问卷, 得到稍有不同的期待, 所以, 大会的举行真心得看坚持了. )



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