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Python 大会的趋势就是专业化, 应该马上有 区块链大会了...


The startup time for the Python interpreter has been discussed by the core developers and others numerous times over the years; optimization efforts are made periodically as well. Startup time can dominate the execution time of command-line programs written in Python, especially if they import a lot of other modules. Python startup time is worse than some other scripting languages and more recent versions of the language are taking more than twice as long to start up when compared to earlier versions (e.g. 3.7 versus 2.7).





This website contains the full text of the Python Data Science Handbook by Jake VanderPlas; the content is available on GitHub in the form of Jupyter notebooks.


叕一个 收集各种数据科学相关案例的 ipynb 图书了...



Useful cache helpers in one package.


人性化缓存到各种后端中... )

Regression, Regularization, Residuals and Feature Selection

In the first part of this series we concluded that asyncio is awesome, coroutines are awesome and our code is awesome. But sometimes the outside world is not as awesome and we have to deal with it. Now, for this second part of the series, I’ll run over the options asyncio gives us to handle errors when using these patterns as well as cancelling tasks so as to make our asynchronous systems robust and performant.

TensorFlow is providing some higher-level constructs itself, and some new ones were introduced in the latest 1.3 version. In this blog, we’ll look at an example using some of these new higher-level constructs, including Estimator, Experiment, and Dataset.


简单的说, 还有更多根本没有释放出来...


Lane identification system for camera based systems.

We show how to build a very basic, yet not bad, meme retrieval system using pretrained word embeddings.

This curated list contains python packages for time series analysis.


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A Human's Guide to


其实 <- The Hitchhiker's Guide to Packaging 就好


A simple Python data-structure visualization tool for lists of lists, lists, dictionaries; primarily for use in Jupyter notebooks / presentations.


专门配合 ipynb 使用的可视化插件



Tools that will make writing tests, bots and scrapers using Selenium much easier.

Make smooth predictions by blending image patches, such as for image segmentation




Set CNAME to use Cloudflare using the partner program.

A minimalist argument-parsing library for Python.


叕一个 参数检验模块


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convert any python function to unix-style command.


想法很好,问题是海量用户 only-M$ ... )

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  • PyConChina2017 议题征集开始
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  • 上海(约400人参加),预计7个主题演讲(每个40分钟),7个快速演讲(每个10分钟)。
  • 杭州(约200人参加),预计7个主题演讲(每个40分钟)


结果立即在 CPyUG 列表中引发了各种嗯哼, 并有行者组织了议题问卷, 得到稍有不同的期待, 所以, 大会的举行真心得看坚持了. )



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