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I faced an interesting challenge at work the other day. I felt like sharing because it might save a few hours for others, or reveal some insights about the Python internals.

In this video series, we will be tackling Python Regular Expressions. The first few videos we will go over the basics, and then tackle some intermediate problems using Python Regular Expressions.





问题在,数据处理首先得是可以切片并发的哪... )

In this tutorial, I’ll be taking you through the basics of developing a vehicle license plate recognition system using the concepts of machine learning with Python.


用的是 scikit-image )


又常用又破烦的事儿... )

logging beyond 101



( ̄▽ ̄) 这是没个头儿的...


We will see in this article how to detect if an image contains celebrities with Sightengine.

Curator's Note - I am a big Game of Thrones fan so had to share this. As a fan of Game of Thrones, I couldn’t wait for it to return for a 7th season. Watching the season premier, I greatly enjoyed that iconic scene of Sam doing his chores at the Citadel. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to see more of it… much more of it. In this post we’ll take the short video compilation of Sam cleaning the Citadel, we will split it to multiple sub clips and create a video of Sam cleaning the Citadel using a random mix of those sub clips.

The aim of this short notebook is to show how to use NumPy and SciPy to play with spectral audio signal analysis (and synthesis).


ipynb 可以播放音乐了


Every once in a while it is useful to take a step back and look at pandas’ functions and see if there is a new or better way to do things. I was recently working on a problem and noticed that pandas had a Grouper function that I had never used before. I looked into how it can be used and it turns out it is useful for the type of summary analysis I tend to do on a frequent basis.

For any program that is used by more than one person you need a way to control identity and permissions. There are myriad solutions to that problem, but most of them are tied to a specific framework. Yosai is a flexible, general purpose framework for managing role-based access to your applications that has been decoupled from the underlying platform. This week the author of Yosai, Darin Gordon, joins us to talk about why he started it, his experience porting it from Java, and where he hopes to take it in the future.


介绍通用 ACL 框架 Yosai )

Recently, I worked on a Python project that required the whole codebase to be protected using Cython. Although protecting Python sources from reverse engineering seems like a futile task at first, cythonizing all the code leads to a reasonable amount of security (the binary is very difficult to disassemble, but it's still possible to e.g. monkey patch parts of the program). This security comes with a price though - the primary use case for Cython is writing compiled extensions that can easily interface with Python code. Therefore, the support for non-trivial module/package structures is rather limited and we have to do some extra work to achieve the desired results.


同时还能立即获得速度的提升, 问题在迁移的成本... )

The complication arises when invoking awaitable functions. Doing so requires an async defined code block or coroutine. A non-issue except that if your caller has to be async, then you can’t call it either unless its caller is async. Which then forces its caller into an async block as well, and so on. This is “async creep”.


雪崩在异步场景中的兄弟... )

Maybe you’ve heard about it in preparing for coding interviews. Maybe you’ve struggled through it in an algorithms course. Maybe you’re trying to learn how to code on your own, and were told somewhere along the way that it’s important to understand dynamic programming. Using dynamic programming (DP) to write algorithms is as essential as it is feared.

Today, let’s use TensorFlow to build an artificial neural network that detects fake banknotes.

What would you do if you wanted to know which files are the most similar to a particular text-based file? For example to find a particular configuration file which has changed its filename and its contents.


~ 包/模块/库/片段...

Support powerful visual logging in PyTorch.



果断通过 http 网页来嗯哼是王道...


A complete open source system for tracking and visualizing cryptocurrency price movements on leading exchanges.


专门交易类型的追踪 )

A guide on how importing works in Python.



作者的 ID 实在 geek


Tensorflow solve minesweeper.

Baidu competition for classifying dogs.


PKUsz 的兄弟... )

Guides and best practices for effective use of Tensorflow.


嗯哼? TF 已经用到这份儿上了?! )

A minimalist flight search engine written in Python.


基于 google 服务的, 所以... )

Django/DRF rest application example.

A program to search and view YouTube videos.



嗯哼, 简单的说, 程序猿不将工具作到 CLI 中是无法舒服起来的... 可是, 为毛?!


( ̄▽ ̄)

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