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We can’t just copy/paste ASM directly into a Python script. Instead, python reads the machine code in as a bytearray of shellcode where the binary data is represented by a hex value where the \x represents the offset.


ASM ... )

Discover the best books in every Python book category.


太实用了...当然的, 没有一本中国原创的. )

Hydrogen is a package for Atom editor that allows interactive programming in different languages. I would call it a bridge, or even a sweet spot, between Jupyter Notebooks and a full blown IDE (like IntelliJ IDEA).


桥件,能将 Jupyter 和 IDE 粘合起来 )

With the concurrent.futures library, Python gives you a simple way to tweak your scripts to use all the CPU cores in your computer at once. Don’t be afraid to try it out. Once you get the hang of it, it’s as simple as using a for loop, but often a whole lot faster.


问题是前提,你的数据是可原子切分处理的 )

Imagine one day wherein we had a neural network which could watch movies and generate it’s own movies, or listen to songs and compose new ones. This network would learn from what it sees and hears without you explicitly telling it. This way of letting a neural network learn is known as unsupervised learning.




In the spirit of increasing the Python community’s inclusivity and diversity, PyBay is pleased to announce this year’s conference scholarships. Our scholarships are designed to support members of our community for whom attending PyBay would present a financial challenge.

We’ve discussed a few reasons to use Jupyter Notebooks as a GIS user. From visualization of your data to the recent integration with the ArcGIS platform, Jupyter Notebooks are quickly becoming a crucial component of GIS and data science workflows. In spite of these benefits, coming up to speed and getting comfortable with Jupyter Notebooks can be a daunting task for a new user. There is nuance to the way Jupyter Notebooks operate that can take some time to comprehend.


简单的说 ipynb 不是 IDE 也不是编辑器, 而是一个能方便的记录并同时积累我们思考的环境


CheatSheets for Pandas, numpy etc.

You want to count the number of times each thing occurs in your list. How do you do it? We'll talk about the many ways to solve this problem, concluding with the most Pythonic way: Counter.


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A REST API security testing framework.


看名字象日本人作品... 对 REST 接口进行安全性检验的框架 )

Decrypts and logs a process's SSL traffic.

Simple command-line utility to convert CSV files to searchable and sortable HTML table.



嚓,根本就是 web 版本的 excel


A simple CORS misconfigurations checker

unarcrypto is an educational tool to depict cryptography usage in zip, rar and 7zip archives




Minimalist and powerful Web Crawler.


基于原创的 EHP 模块 进行 pythonic 式的网页操作...


Python password manager



CLI 版本的 1Password


( ̄▽ ̄)


嚓了个嚓... )



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