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Packaging in Python has a bit of a reputation for being a bumpy ride. This is mostly a confused side effect of Python's versatility. Once you understand the natural boundaries between each packaging solution, you begin to realize that the varied landscape is a small price Python programmers pay for using the most balanced, flexible language available.


PyPI is not an app store

对当前混乱的 py 库现状进行了洗地...


Tomas is blogging an algorithm / data structure a day. Code in Python.


问题是算法的场景选择经验... )

Today we have released our next update to Visual Studio 2017, and it’s the one you’ve been waiting for. As of today, the Python development and Data Science and Analytical Applications workloads are stable and ready for production use.

In this series of posts I want to try an experiment. I want to guide you through the creation of a simple interpreter in Python using a pure TDD (Test-Driven Development) approach. The posts will be structured like a game, where every level is represented by a new test that I will add to the suite.

Curated list of all the easter eggs and hidden jokes in Python.


Python 中所有彩蛋的收集... )

Principle component analysis (PCA) is an unsupervised statistical technique that is used for dimensionality reduction. It turns possible correlated features into a set of linearly uncorrelated ones called ‘Principle Components’. In this post we’ll be doing PCA on the pokemon data set.


对计算进行降维的技术框架 )

K-means clustering is a clustering algorithm that aims to partition nn observations into kk clusters.

Last summer, I came across an interesting plotting library called GooPyCharts which is a Python wrapper for the Google Charts API. In this article, we will spend a few minutes learning how to use this interesting package. GooPyCharts follows syntax that is similar to MATLAB and is actually meant to be an alternative to matplotlib.

The Long Short-Term Memory network or LSTM is a recurrent neural network that can learn and forecast long sequences.

In 2010, Facebook open-sourced OnlineSchemaChange.php, a tool to perform MySQL schema changes while minimizing downtime. We are happy to announce that an improved version written in Python is now available on GitHub.


Fb 的作品, 可以在最小时间里完成 MySQL 模型的迁移,现在可以上 py 了...


In the second installment of a two-part series on terminal applications with great command-line UIs, we explore Prompt Toolkit, Click, Pygments, and Fuzzy Finder.


Prompt Toolkit, Click, Pygments, and Fuzzy Finder



For many machine learning projects one of the best ways to generate training data is to crowdsource it programmatically from Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) using Python. In this guide, we will walk through an end-to-end example of using Python to access MTurk.


大数据集公开的越来越多了, 还自行抓取的都是嗯哼的... )


~ 包/模块/库/片段...

Save an archived copy of all websites starred using Pocket. Outputs browseable html.



基于 pocket 的再整理


A Flask extension with lots of common time-savers (file-serving, favicons, etc).

Easy pipelines for pandas DataFrames.


基于 pandas DataFrames 的流式运算


A small dotfile manager.

A framework for making bots in Python. Inspired by Hubot.


Hubot 的 py 山寨


Reinforcement learning tutorials.

A package manager for vim (VimApt => Vim's Advanced Package Tools)


Vim 的高级包管理器, 用 py 完成.


A license checker for source code written in python


又一个许可扫描器 )

Qt tutorial at Python in Astronomy 2017


天文学年会上的 PyQt 教程... )

( ̄▽ ̄)

Simiki is a simple wiki framework, written in Python.


知道创宇 成员私人作品 md 的静态维基 )




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