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static PyThread_type_lock interpreter_lock = 0; / This is the GIL / This line of code is in ceval.c, in the CPython 2.7 interpreter’s source code. Guido van Rossum’s comment, “This is the GIL,” was added in 2003, but the lock itself dates from his first multithreaded Python interpreter in 1994. On Unix systems, PyThread_type_lock is an alias for the standard C lock, mutex_t. It is initialized when the Python interpreter begins:


挖出对应代码, 13年前的坑...


为这用心的配图手工点赞...少数没有被功夫认证了的技术 blog 了...


concurrent programming is hard and while coroutines allow us to avoid callback hell it can only get you so far, you still need to think about creating tasks, retrieving results and graceful handling of errors. Sad face. Good news is all of that is possible in asyncio. Bad news is it’s not always immediately obvious what wrong and how to fix it. Here are a few patterns I’ve noticed while working with asyncio.


py3 only 的坑模式...其实咧这类事儿,直接用 go 吧. )

Python is the perfect language for prototyping in Big Data/Machine Learning fields. Plus, there is no Jupyter Notebook in Scala: PySpark is our only option.

Best Practices, Monitoring & Tests, Resources for celery.

The Python debugger provides a debugging environment for Python programs. It supports setting conditional breakpoints, stepping through the source code one line at a time, stack inspection, and more.

The Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) is an effective strategy against this sort of problem by reducing the amount of code in the several layers of your codebase, focusing each one on specific objectives and separating them by logical domain.

Poet helps you declare, manage and install dependencies of Python projects, ensuring you have the right stack everywhere. The package is highly experimental at the moment so expect things to change and break. However, if you feel adventurous I'd gladly appreciate feedback and pull requests.


又一个 pip 的增强工具, 问题是所有 PyPi 的外围工具都没有很好的解决工程中最要命的一个需求:

一键迁移/备份/恢复/部署/升级/.. 到目标主机中?
而不依赖外部资源 <--

至今也就见过 dh-virtualenv 依赖 Debain 的软件包机制完成了 py 环境的真正封装...


I’ve been working on a Python module called Sofi that generates user interfaces. It can deliver a desktop feel while using standard single-page web technologies. For flexibility, I designed it to work through two methods of distribution: in-browser and executable.


这简直是在抢 React 的饭碗哪!


In this self-driving car with Python video, I introduce a newer, much more challenging network and task that is driving through a city.

I’ve recently been doing some simple Python programming with the Raspberry Pi and a set of traffic light LEDs that connect to it. In this post I’ll look at setting up a Pi to drive the lights.

Configuration for running unittest in IPython or Jupyter is different than running unittest from command line.


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Python to python compiler that allows you to use some Python 3.6 features in older versions, you can try it in the online demo.


py3to2 的兄弟 )

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基于 libuv 的 pyuv 进一步封装 )

Source code and pretrained model for webcam pix2pix


将 pix2pix 应用到 webcam 的嗯哼 )

This is the code for "How to Convert Text to Images - Intro to Deep Learning #16' by Siraj Raval on YouTube



是的, 当然不支持中文...


Example code for the paper "Understanding deep learning requires rethinking generalization".

Just a small tool to check security headers



只用了 urllib2 等内建模块


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Implementation of q-learning using TensorFlow

Utility functions for Python's multiprocessing standard library module.


对 multiprocessing 内建模块的增强:


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AWS PowerShell Python Lambda, or PSPy for short, is a simple Python 2.7 AWS Lambda function designed to execute the PowerShell binary and marshal input/output to PowerShell.


AWS PowerShell <-- M$ 不会告你嘛?


A More Pythonic Logging System

( ̄▽ ̄)

Simiki is a simple wiki framework, written in Python.


知道创宇 成员私人作品 md 的静态维基 )




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