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Logging from multiple processes.

This is my first time writing blog post about anything Python related. I go over the differences and how to use CountVectorizer() and TfidfVectorizer() from sci-kit learn. I'd love to hear what you think.


笔者说是第一篇 py 相关的嗯哼... )

Special guest Katie McLaughlin will answer your questions about emoji: unicode, compatibility, support, and more.

As a practical example, we show how you can take any standard neural network and turn it into a deep implicit model: simply inject noise into the hidden layers. The hidden units in these layers are now interpreted as latent variables. Further, the induced latent variables are astonishingly flexible, going beyond Gaussians (or exponential families (Ranganath, Tang, Charlin, & Blei, 2015)) to arbitrary probability distributions. Deep generative modeling could not be any simpler!


简单的说 tensorflow 都支持的 )

Cool Coffee Mugs for Python Developers. Check it out.




How to catch some TYPES of errors before they happen.


后现代错误处理...눈_눈 )

Using Python API


油管上的...当然的. 由陈姓大叔讲解... )


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Staffjoy is shutting down, so we are open-sourcing our code. This version of our V1, intended for on-demand companies and call centers, has been heavily modified so that Staffjoy customers may continue using the software.

Prophet is a procedure for forecasting time series data. It is based on an additive model where non-linear trends are fit with yearly and weekly seasonality, plus holidays. It works best with daily periodicity data with at least one year of historical data. Prophet is robust to missing data, shifts in the trend, and large outliers.


基于时间序列的预警 )

Consistent hash rings are beautiful structures, yet often poorly explained. Implementations tend to focus on clever language-specific tricks, and theoretical approaches insist on befuddling it with math and tangents irrelevant.



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获取本地 OSX 目录的图像,并用 Amazon Rekognition 的 OSX 标记来标定

A basic python facebook-bot that can automate your likes and update status as desired interval of time. All you need to feed the data to the bot for the status. No API Developer key required.


又一个 fb 机械人, 而且不需要开发接口令牌 )

a scaleable and efficient crawelr with docker cluster , crawl million pages in 2 hours with a single machine


2小时能爬100万视的小集群 )

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PyPi Mirror Manager

将 Medium 文章转换为音频文件


基于 gTTS )

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