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Talkpython interview with Guido van Rossum aka BDFL.


有字幕的, 基本上就是回忆了 ABC 时代的嗯哼... )

The people who introduced me to Python chose it because of the elegance of the language, and it's aesthetic qualities. Would they choose it again, I wonder? Would I?.


是什么以及为什么的 Py3

def hello_world(name):
    print 'Hello', name


async def hello_world(name: str) -> str:
    await print('Hello {}'.format(yield from name))

一定是太多 C++ 程序媛进入了 python 内核开发团队! )

This book is for people with some experience in an object oriented programming language. This book will help you get better at module/class level design. Hopefully, it will teach you to identify good design from bad.

Python material in data science, analysis, and modeling, and optimization. Here is the youtube video channel of the site


各种实战领域在职工程师/科学家们的 Pythonic 折腾 )

This time, it was different though. My distributed web crawler seemed to be slowing down over time. Adding more nodes only had a temporary performance boost; the overall crawling speed gradually declined afterwards. So simply put, it couldn't scale. But why?. In this post, you'll find out what techniques and tools I used to diagnose scaling issues - and to an extent, more general performance issues - in my Python-based web crawler.



火焰图.... OpenResty 内置了专用工具, 现在咱大蠎也有了...


Code reuse is a very common need. It saves you time for writing the same code multiple times, enables leveraging other smart people’s work to make new things happen. Even just for one project, it helps organize code in a modular way so you can maintain each part separately. When it comes to python, it means format your project so it can be easily packaged. This is a simple instruction on how to go from nothing to a package that you can proudly put it in your portfolio to be used by other people.


一切最终归向 pypi ,这样有问题哪... )

Note - The video is old, but worth watching for emacs users.

PyWren, Tfdeploy, Luigi, Kubelib, PyTorch. Note - We used luigi at my previous workplace and it's a solid library to custom pipelines for batch processing. In our case it was used to enforce database migrations.

Type Tracing - as a program runs you trace it and record the types of variables coming in and out of functions, and being assigned to variables.


嗯哼?! 真正靠谱的还是人 )

I've written a Python package called pdftabextract that contains several helpful functions for that task and I'm explaining how to use them in that blog post.


~ 包/模块/库/片段...

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A visual introspective GUI maker with live editing of the GUI and its editor at the same time


值得关注 )

Real-time sentiment analysis in Python using twitter's streaming api


实时情绪分析, weibo 已经上线相同的了. )

Download all the hot images from subreddit every 24 hours to a local device and set an image from those local files as a wallpaper, which updates automatically every 30 minutes!


从 reddit 壁纸专栏自动下载生成自己的


Tensorflow port of the lda2vec model for unsupervised learning of document + topic + word embeddings.

Speed up your Localization/Internationalization efforts by automating translation with single script


自动翻译哪...项目名好象 Clojure 的嗯哼... )

A console tool which manages your github webhooks efficiently.


又一个 CLI 工具, 来管理 github webhooks 的... )

IPython notebooks with YAML file format


这个... just for fun )

An Instagram Scrapper

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Find OS processes of MySQL queries

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