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I decided to revisit my editor configuration the other night, and experimented with every possible editor I could think of / imagine. I heavily configured vim (neovim), PyCharm, Eclipse, Emacs (Spacemacs), VSCode, Atom, Textual, and more. I knew I was going to stay put with my choice of Sublime Text 3 (which I have been using for 5+ years), but it's nice to have validation.


又一个心碎的故事,其实, 编辑器不好用, 只是因为我们成长的太快, 没有什么东西可以一直容纳我们所有的编程个性的... 所以,要不自己开发一个, UliEditor 就是这样来的, 要不个性化配置一个出来, 这就是 Vim/Emacs 成神成圣的原因 )

This is the second edition of Think Python, which uses Python 3 is out.

Apart from being a data scientist, I also spend a lot of time on my bike. It is therefore no surprise that I am a huge fan of all kinds of wearable devices. Lots of the times though, I get quite frustrated with the data processing and data visualization software that major providers of wearable devices offer. That’s why I have been trying to take things to my own hands. Recently I have started to play around with plotting my bike route from Python using Google Maps API. My novice’s guide to all this follows in the post.

I love vim and often use it to write Python code. Here are some useful plugins and tools for building a delightful vim python environment, escpecially for Vim8.



TMUX 一直是 Vim 党的好朋友


Slides from Why Python 3.6 is faster than Python 3.5 talk. Also included a preview of new features of Python 3.6


性能党的注意力果断从 py2 迁移到了 py3 )

How xMatters Uses Toolchains to Move Process Forward

Did you know about __code__ ?


def foo():
      return "I'm foo!"

def bar():
      return "I'm bar!"

foo.__code__ = bar.__code__

猜?! 最后输出什么!?


row_to_json and json_build_object usage along with code snippet for SQLAlchemy users.


可是,这本身不是 Pg 的一个特性嘛?! )

User-defined functions (UDFs) are a key feature of most SQL environments to extend the system’s built-in functionality. UDFs allow developers to enable new functions in higher level languages such as SQL by abstracting their lower level language implementations. Apache Spark is no exception, and offers a wide range of options for integrating UDFs with Spark SQL workflows.

Many machine learning algorithms can support categorical values without further manipulation but there are many more algorithms that do not. Therefore, the analyst is faced with the challenge of figuring out how to turn these text attributes into numerical values for further processing.

The Pyweek rules, in short, are Develop a game, In Python (mostly, at least!), As an individual or with a team, In exactly one week (or less!), From "scratch" - no personal codebases, only public, documented librarie, On a theme that is selected by vote, announced at the moment the contest starts.


用一周时间从0开始构建一个游戏的比赛 )

Seaborn is a wrapper around Matplotlib that makes creating common statistical plots easy. The list of supported plots includes univariate and bivariate distribution plots, regression plots, and a number of methods for plotting categorical variables. The full list of plots Seaborn provides is in their API reference.

Python Video Series on CPython Internals.

First we need to import the library to create point in the Google Earth using simplekml module.

Today I am going to demonstrate a simple implementation of nlp and doc2vec. The idea is to train doc2vec model from text document. I had about 20 text files to start with. Although the 20 document corpus seems small but the perk is it takes around 2 minutes to train the model.


比 perk 更加简洁以及高速的 NPL 模块 )


~ 包/模块/库/片段...

pprofile + matplotlib = Python program profiled as an awesome heatmap!





  • block
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An intelligent block matrix library for numpy, PyTorch, and beyond.





A safe alternative for "rm".



图样图森破, 世界需要 rm -f . / 的乐趣


Spelling Correction with Deep Learning


纠正拼写当然可以用深度学习了... )

A simple yet functional desktop recorder for Linux systems.




嚓! 都快买不到了吧... )

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