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Japronto implements a pretty solid feature set:HTTP 1.x implementation with support for chunked uploadsFull support for HTTP pipelining, Keep-alive connections with configurable reaper, Support for synchronous and asynchronous views, Master-multiworker model based on forking, Support for code reloading on changes, Simple routing.


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Nearly every day, I teach a course in Python. And nearly every day, I thus use the Jupyter notebook: I do my live-coding demos in it, answer students’ questions using it, and also send it to my students at the end of the day, so that they can review my code without having to type furiously or take pictures of my screen.


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In this post, I’ll be talking about setting up a distributed task processing system for doing asynchronous processing. As your website grows and handles lot of traffic, there naturally comes a need to ensure best performance for your users. While there are multiple things which need to be done to achieve that, one of the most important things is processing things in background.


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We'll build a classic and important physical system, the simple pendulum. We'll use an Arduino and a potentiometer to measure the amplitude of the pendulum's motion and Python to read and visualize our data.

There are a couple good python code linter tools you can use. The one I’ve recently discovered is a Flake8. Which is “the wrapper which verifies pep8, pyflakes and circular complexity “. It has low rate of false positives.


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My daughter, Alex, was in the 6th grade this year. For her science fair project, Alex wanted to do something involving animals. I had read about an experiment where lab rats were recorded on video, and their motion was analyzed by a computer (to determine the effects of a neurotoxin). We owned 2 gerbils, Havoc and Zoom, so I suggested to Alex we do a similar experiment with the gerbils. For some reason, she didn’t want to test a neurotoxin on her pets, so instead she decided to test the effects of full spectrum lighting on their movement.


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Pytest stands out among Python testing tools due to its ease of use. This tutorial will get you started with using pytest to test your next Python project.


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Is Python worth learning? We’ve interviewed experts and surveyed the job market to identify the key reasons why you should learn Python today.

This guide has been there for a while, sharing it again.


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In the previous post (Playing with IMDB, Python and Pandas), I tried to obtain the average IMDb rating of an actress. This time I’ll play with matplotlib in order to plot the evolution of an actress over the years.

Working with the remote servers is a common scenario for most of us. Sometimes, we do our actual work over those remote computers, sometimes our code does something for us in the remote systems. Even Vagrant instances on your laptop are also remote systems, you still have to ssh into those systems to get things done.



I never could remember how to use it, mixing the order of the parameters, and the man page did not help. So I thought, why not write a small wrapper around it?


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Tweets 元数据抓取器和活动分析器

  • pyzdb
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用 ZeroMQ 的轻量级数据库,具有 Python 语法查询接口

Deep learning project to transform male portraits into female and vice versa




用于与Amazon S3交互的简单库。

用于精确定位Python中的循环导入的工具。 在项目中查找循环导入



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构建更好的 AWS 基础架构

视频游戏和家庭自动化。 基于游戏中状态控制物联网设备。

以 Python 有效处理 FASTQ 文件

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