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The acceptance and rejection letters for pycon arrived this week and so did the final list of selected talks for Pycon US 2017.


相对国外的 PyCon 都是年头儿对上年回顾,中国的总是挤在年尾回顾当年... 因为春节哈... )

In this 90-minute video series, I walk through a book chapter about asynchronous I/O in Python called A Web Crawler With asyncio Coroutines, which was co-authored by the creator of Python.


直播读书? )

By dismissing the Python garbage collection (GC) mechanism, which reclaims memory by collecting and freeing unused data, Instagram can run 10% more efficiently. Yes, you heard it right! By disabling GC, we can reduce the memory footprint and improve the CPU LLC cache hit ratio. If you’re interested in knowing why, buckle up!


随着 Py 在生产线上越来越嗯哼, 对 GC 的怨念总是在积累,终于,这一天来了... )

I want to focus exclusively on the process of reshaping data, i.e. converting or transforming data from one format to another. data manipulation


不仅仅是格式转换, 更要有垃圾清理... )

Complexity science is one of my favourite topics, ever. Studying complexity is how I ended up in the computer science bandwagon in the first place, and I constantly find myself thinking about how individual agents’ decisions affect the overall state of systems. Self-organization and emergence are fundamental aspects of how the pieces of the complexity puzzle fit together, and Wolfram’s elementary cellular automata are a great way to understand them.


Wolfram 安身立命的核心技术, 成熟运行20多年, 哪儿这么简单的可以嗯哼出来哪... )

This blog post gives an introduction to some techniques for benchmarking, profiling and optimising Python code.


又一个收集各种技巧的 blog ,不过, Python 的本意就不是为了运行时速度哪, 而是开发时效率... 所以... )

Writing consistent, well-formed code is important. Of course the functionality of the code is paramount, yet in addition the styling and structure should follow a commonly accepted standards. Not only will it make the code more approachable to others, but also to yourself, when you return to an old piece of software, which you have not looked at for months or even years. You might even squash some bugs early on, by writing code in consistent manner. The process of styling and checking of these code qualities, is often referred as linting.


历史一再证明,一个稳定又开放的系统,总是能孕育出各种神奇的小品来 )

How to use assertions to help automatically detect errors in your Python programs in order to make them more reliable and easier to debug.


断言,断的好,测试跑的好. )

I've chosen to start with Harvard's Data Science course. I'm currently on week 3 and one of the suggested readings for this week is Jake VanderPlas' talk from PyCon 2016 titled "Statistics for Hackers". As I was watching the video and following along with the slides, I wanted to try out some of the examples and create a set of notes that I could refer to later, so I figured why not create a Jupyter notebook.


一份课堂作业,总是可以嗯哼到 ipynb 中来... )

In this article I am going to look at Spark Streaming. This is one of several libraries that the Spark platform provides (others include Spark SQL, Spark MLlib, and Spark GraphX). Spark Streaming provides a way of processing "unbounded" data - commonly referred to as "streaming" data. It does this by breaking it up into microbatches, and supporting windowing capabilities for processing across multiple batches. You can read more in the excellent Streaming Programming Guide.


EK/LS 越来越有标准相了,当然的 Python 的各种绑定也快速跟上了, 幸福.


Sheila Miguez and William Kahn-Greene for their monumental work in creating and supporting PyVideo over the years.


静静等待华人获得.. )

Do you know the difference between the following syntax? [x for x in range(5)] , (x for x in range(5)), tuple(range(5)) Let’s check it.


细微处见真情 )

In this article we’ll go over how to handle webhooks using Django, create a webhook in GitHub, and test the webhook on your local machine using ngrok. But first a brief primer on webhooks.

Comprehensive Python quiz and questions from basic to advanced level that help you to review your Python knowledge and become the master of Python.


又一个 Python 能力测试卷,,,在答案剧透前,可以嗯哼一下 )

If you're familiar with financial trading and know Python, you can get started with basic algorithmic trading in no time.


值得收藏, 但是,其实,最好是变成一个内建模块哪 )


可是,为什么呢? 哈! 因为 201 要来了



Let’s say we have a contact form and we want to add placeholders to this form inputs so our rendered form has these cool input labels. How do we do that?


~ 包/模块/库/片段...

Sacred Marriage of Pipfile, Pip, & Virtualenv.






A tool for automating the installation of the Microsoft Windows operating system on various device platforms.


专注在各种设备上自动安装 Win 系统?!真爱! )

A library adding some anti-pythonic syntatic sugar to Python


各种反 Pythonic 的特性... )

Text UI colors for Python.


又一个 CLI 依赖症患者

crayons )

Break Python programs with a simple import.


为毛作者要折腾这个? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

( ̄▽ ̄)





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