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PyCon Canada's Youtube channel now has most of the event's videos.


当然的 油管儿的...)

python-execution-trace allows you to choose what function you are interested in and it records its execution(s), together with the local state. You can then step through any execution, both forwards and backwards. All you need to do is pip install the library, decorate the target function and run your code as you normally do.



Py3 的库, python-execution-trace 妄想恢复当年 C++ 的单步追踪的体验..


This course will show how one can treat the Internet as a source of data. We will scrape, parse, and read web data as well as access data using web APIs.

Some machine learning algorithms will achieve better performance if your time series data has a consistent scale or distribution. Two techniques that you can use to consistently rescale your time series data are normalization and standardization. In this tutorial, you will discover how you can apply normalization and standardization rescaling to your time series data in Python.


嗯哼?! 居然要动用机械学习!? )

"I thought that memory leaks were impossible in Python?", I said to myself, staring incredulously at my screen. It was 8:00 PM. The memory use of my crawler was slowly, but steadily increasing. As I hadn't changed any significant portion of my code, this made no sense at all. Had I introduced a new bug? If so, where was it? Here follows the full story of how I tracked down a memory leak in my Python application. Note - Benoit Bernard is writing these long form articles on his debugging experiences it's worth reading.



为了挖出来问题根源.... 应该使用火熖图了吧?


The Mypy static type-checking project for Python is exploring ways it could aid with effortlessly compiling Python into C or machine language


一切为了编译为 C, 可是为毛?! )

Python snippets for beginners to explore.

Simple code snippets showing us what's new in Python 3.6.


这世界上语法糖最多的可能是 Ruby 语言了,然后呢?! )

For the past two months I've been spending half my time on Python 2.8. Python 2.8 is a backwards-compatible Python interpreter that runs Python 2 code and C-extensions exactly as-is, while also allowing Python 2 programmers to use the most exciting new language features from Python 3. These new backported language features include async/await syntax, function annotations and typing support, keyword-only arguments, and new metaclass syntax, among many others. I use Python 2.8 as my system python now, and haven't had any problems running my old 2.7 code or using packages like IPython, pip, numpy, pandas, requests, and flask.


细思恐极,官方声称放弃 Py2 后,江湖中果断有英雄出面! 2.8 准备继承 Py 2 的遗产, 并成为可以同时运行 Py2和Py3 代码的更加兼容的环境!

已经编译出来的 Py2.8 运行当前所有重要的常见模块/框架都没有问题... )

There is a lot of Python code in the wild which does something like raise SomeException("Could not fraz the buzz: {} is less than {}".format(foo, quux)). This is, in general, a bad idea. Exceptions are not program panics.

The next big feature for is what I informally call "Who Tests What." People want a way to know more than just what lines were covered by the tests, but also, which tests covered which lines.


越来越关心具体的测试序列对应的覆盖行区块了... )


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Learning to Learn in TensorFlow

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Code for paper "Plug and Play Generative Networks". This repository contains source code necessary to reproduce some of the main results in the paper.


论文:"即插即用网络" 的实践




QRNN implementation for TensorFlow

This is the code for 'How to Make a Simple Tensorflow Speech Recognizer' by @Sirajology on Youtube


另一篇文章的对应代码,基于 TF 进行语音识别 )

Sublime Text - edit in new tab plugin


edit_in_new_tab )

Check WHOIS information for a list of domains


基于 WHOIS 信息提取域名数据; 要求使用 virtualenv 来隔离运行环境... win 环境简直了. )




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