Flask 这10年

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Armin Ronacher is a guest on the Real Python Podcast to talk about the first 10 years of Flask. You’ll hear about the origins of Flask and the components that make up the framework. Armin also talks about what goes into documenting a framework or API, and the community working on the ongoing development of the Flask project.



联合 Django 挤杀其它框架的10年...


How to supercharge Python’s built-in data structures and build powerful custom data structures with mixin classes.

Profile, Understand & Optimize Code Performance You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Install in minutes. Profile and understand code’s behavior and performance (Wall-time, I/O, CPU, HTTP requests, SQL queries). Browse through appealing graphs → BLACKFIREsponsor

In this tutorial, you’ll learn all about object-oriented programming (OOP) in Python. You’ll learn the basics of the OOP paradigm and cover concepts like classes and inheritance. You’ll also see to how instantiate an object from a class.


一个 OOP 养活了多少作家哪...


沉思吧, 少年, 到底何时值得用 OOP.


What to do if you need to deprecate a Python package that’s been published on the PyPI package repository.


其实, 每年各种 Python 基础教材/图书, 都在引诱初学者海量制造垃圾模块发布.

但是, PyPI 中没有自己属名的东西...


With this follow-along Python project, you’ll build a script to calculate grades for a class using pandas. The script will quickly and accurately calculate grades from a variety of data sources. You’ll see examples of loading, merging, and saving data with pandas, as well as plotting some summary statistics.




Learn about the JPEG compression algorithm in this comprehensive guide to decoding JPEGs with Python.


所以, 为什么不是 webp ?

等等, ECUG 第4届大会, 有强人用3小时捋过 JPEG 压缩算法源代码的...

录音在: Index of /Erloung2ECUG/ErloungIV-091107-8hz {gen. by gen4idx.py v13.4.18 from Zoom.Quiet}


Django 3.1 release candidate 1 is the final opportunity for you to try out the potpourri of new features before Django 3.1 is released.




涉及 工程 相关知识, 也只能在工程中 got.



Articles, Tutorials and Talks

Learn how to perform k-means clustering in Python. You’ll review evaluation metrics for choosing an appropriate number of clusters and build an end-to-end k-means clustering pipeline in scikit-learn.



真蟒 是真的开始占领所有方向原创 py 课程市场了..


In this video course, you’ll learn about Python’s object model and see why pointers don’t really exist in Python. You’ll also cover ways to simulate pointers in Python without managing memory.







In this course, you’ll learn how to use the Python time module to represent dates and times in your application, manage code execution, and measure performance.




“Working with SQL in Python can be easy with SQLAlchemy and its hybrid properties, nested queries, table metadata, dialects and more!”

How to build a WhatsApp bot that returns word definition, synonyms, antonyms, examples when you contact it via text messages.


很久没有 Whatsapp 的消息了, 都用 telegram 去了?


Learn to listen for and consume webhooks (web API callbacks) with Python’s most popular web frameworks, Django or Flask.


其实, 这种场景上 websocket 也是可以的.



如果 py 程序已经到了 pdb 才能调试的地步, 说明值得用 go/rust 重构了.






Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries, Projects & Code


好象 Py3 打开了什么新渠道, 现在魔改 Python 语法的模块越来越多了...



嗯哼? 连锁酒店开源的? )


jira 母公司靠 jira 续命多少年了? 收了 bitbucket 后, 也没什么起色.


📆🐍 活动/大会

Events, MeetUp 真的是全球线下活动组织中心


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