Pylance/ VSCode 全新 Python 支持扩展

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Pylance is a new Python language server for VS Code based on Microsoft’s Pyright static type checking tool. With Pylance, you get type information in function signatures and when hovering on symbols, auto import suggestions, type checking diagnostics, and so much more!


官方推出更加强大的 Python 支持扩展, 更多的分析, 更多的提示, 以及更多的内存抢占....

俺是什么 Py 支持扩展都不安装的.


In light of some recent and, at times, heated discussions regarding asynchronous programming in Python, Django Rest Framework’s creator Tom Christie calls on the community to embrace a more collaborative spirit.


在异步大浪中, 没有人原意和同步粘边儿.


You’ve may have heard that the “right” way to open a file in Python is to use the open() function inside of a with statement. But is that always the right choice?

Learn one way to set-up a Flask project, including how to handle project requirements, configuration and environment variables, writing and running tests, and containerizing the application with Docker. When you’re done reading part one at the link above, check out part two.

In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to extend your Django application with a user management system, complete with email sending and third-party authentication.




Getting machine learning models into production is an often-overlooked topic. Learn how to serve a model in just a handful of lines of Python using FastAPI and Heroku.


FastAPI 是好的, Heroku 就嗯哼了...



DURBIN 三世, 这名字大气哪. )



Last week we featured Brett Cannon’s article with the same title. Well, the post has generated quite a discussion on Hacker News.




How NaNs compare to numerical values and the implications of that in min() and max() might be surprising.

f-Strings aren’t exactly a drop-in replacement for .format().


显性和隐性调用, 一般为了管理, 还是显性来的明确.



Articles, Tutorials and Talks

What should you do after watching 1986’s puppet-laden musical fantasy Labyrinth? Code up the guard scene in Python, of course! After you read Moshe’s solution to the infamous “Two Door Riddle” at the link above, check out Glyph Lefkowitz‘s “professionalized” version of the code.


Python 一直没离开过艺术界


In Python, everything is an object. Even numbers. While this has advantages, objects have a memory overhead that might be unexpected. While this overhead is often negligible, it might be the difference between 8GB and 35GB in extreme cases.

For those coming from pandas, StaticFrame offers a more consistent interface and reduces opportunities for error. This article demonstrates ten reasons you might use StaticFrame instead of Pandas.

Python’s built-in filter() function can be used to create a new iterator from an existing iterable with certain elements removed based on some criterion.

Are you using the Python library Pandas the right way? Do you wonder about getting better performance, or how to optimize your data for analysis? What does normalization mean? This week Hannah Stepanek joins the podcast to discuss her new book “Thinking in Pandas”.





In this freshly updated OOP tutorial, you’ll learn all about object-oriented programming in Python. You’ll learn the basics of the OOP paradigm and cover concepts like classes and inheritance.



嗯哼? 特意看了一下日期... 2020 了, 还要忽悠 OOP 嘛?


If you’re new to pandas, you might be tempted to add a column to a DataFrame based on a condition using an if statement. But there’s a better way!

Darts is a new library from Unit8 that offers a single package for end-to-end machine learning on time series.


Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries, Projects & Code


42国语言 OCR 支持.


Afrikaans (af), Azerbaijani (az), Bosnian (bs), Simplified Chinese (ch_sim), Traditional Chinese (ch_tra), Czech (cs), Welsh (cy), Danish (da), German (de), English (en), Spanish (es), Estonian (et), French (fr), Irish (ga), Croatian (hr), Hungarian (hu), Indonesian (id), Icelandic (is), Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Korean (ko), Kurdish (ku), Latin (la), Lithuanian (lt), Latvian (lv), Maori (mi), Malay (ms), Maltese (mt), Dutch (nl), Norwegian (no), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt),Romanian (ro), Slovak (sk) (need revisit), Slovenian (sl), Albanian (sq), Swedish (sv),Swahili (sw), Thai (th), Tagalog (tl), Turkish (tr), Uzbek (uz), Vietnamese (vi)



嗯哼? 现在定制键盘厂商已经硬核到这种程度了?


--> python-keyboard: 手焊的、跑 Python 的 USB + 蓝牙双模键盘


Calculations With Self-Aligning, Labelled Axes


嗯哼, 这名起的...太纠缠了. )





叕一个 GUI 框架出现, 是否针对最终用户的 GUI 框架活跃, 说明一个技术生态开始向终端市场倾斜了?

等等,只是 Qt 的一种包裹?




文本豪杰 ~ Pandas 的方面方言.




彩色动画版 生命游戏.



运行时检验, 永远 bigger 不够哪.



好象现在对 Pg 上心, 才是政治正确的姿态.


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中国也已经接到有关通知, 允许线下集会申报了...

而且今年程序员节(10.24)可能有超级大会. )


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